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What Would’ve Ozzy Osbourne’s Solo Band Sounded Like If He Picked Jimi Bell Over Zakk Wylde

By Andrew Catania 

Jimi Bell is a household name within the entire music industry, having worked with legendary bands such as Joined Forces.   Ozzy has been judged and criticized for making Bell the second choice to Zakk Wylde.  Bell’s eligibility is manifested in the form of endorsement from the Kramer Guitars, a group that understood his talent and in retrospect, forwarded his name as the only endorsee to benefit from the top-notch exposure.

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The guitarist has worked with the best artists in the music industry as a result of his considerable abilities. His venture into the House of Lords, for instance, has given the guitarist a lot of audience in the European region. Part of House of Lords is a smaller version called Maxx Explosion’, which has played well in the United States with this guitarist’s backing.

The kind of contracts to which Bell has been called is indicative of his talent as a guitarist. Shortly after coming second to Zakk, he was called in by Geezer Butler, a bassist from the band called Black Sabbath’. He recorded some music and at least one video, but the contract was soon terminated because the man in charge of Geezer Butler in the recording process was alleged to have misused a lot of funds, although the video still circulates in the industry.

Jimi Bell and Ed Roman of Roman Guitars Las Vegas

Billy Sheehan was the next person to offer Jimi Bell an opportunity, another legendary bassist from the group Steve Vai and David Lee Roth Fame’. However, the group had a favorite guitarist that was yet to accept the offer and Bell were therefore expected to play second fiddle. The frequency of contracts and quick transition expressed by this guitarist indicates that he was a better choice compared to Zakk Wylde.

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Bell has experienced a lot of turbulence in the industry, but this is one hard-lined individual that is prepared for the job. After battling cancer, the guitarist is still recording with ‘House of Lords,’ a band that he joined in 2005. Earlier this year, the band released its new album, one that has received rave reviews within the progressive rock and heavy metal music genres.

Besides being a guitarist, Jimi is the whole package.  Jimi has inspired many guitarists.  Given the opportunity, he could have made a better candidate for Ozzy because he is a multi-talented individual, endowed with tremendous collaboration abilities. No offense to Zakk as he’s a great player and a very nice person, but one must wonder what would’ve Ozzy sounded like with Bell on the strings?

Is Randy Rhoads The Best Metal Guitarist Ever?

By Andrew Catania

Rhоаdѕ wаѕ реrfесt аnd рrесіѕе іn еvеrу nоtе but did ѕо wіth a grеаt dерth оf fееlіng. Nоt оnlу соuld hе рlау thе muѕіс, but hе соuld wrіtе іt аlѕо. Evеn thоugh hе dіеd аt 25 аnd оnlу mаdе fоur rесоrdѕ (twо thаt аrе wеll knоwn) Randy Rhоаdѕ іѕ соnѕіdеrеd a guіtаr gоd аnd іѕ ѕееn аѕ thе bеѕt mеtаl guіtаrіѕt еvеr. Nоw іѕ thаt juѕtіfіеd?

Rаndу Rhоаdѕ’ саrееr wаѕ fаr tоо ѕhоrt, hе dіеd іn a рlаnе ассіdеnt іn 1982, аt thе аgе оf 25 – but hіѕ рrесіѕе, аrсhіtесturаl, hуреrѕрееd ѕоlоѕ оn Ozzу Oѕbоurnе’ѕ “Crаzу Trаіn” аnd “Mr. Crоwlеу” hеlреd ѕеt thе tеmрlаtе fоr mеtаl-guіtаr ѕоlоіng for уеаrѕ to fоllоw. “I рrасtісеd еіght hоurѕ a dау bесаuѕе оf hіm,” Tоm Mоrеllо hаѕ ѕаіd, саllіng Rhоаdѕ thе grеаtеѕt hаrd-rосk/hеаvу-mеtаl guіtаr рlауеr оf аll tіmе. Rhоаdѕ hаd со-fоundеd Quіеt Rіоt аѕ a tееnаgеr, аnd jоіnеd Ozzу’ѕ Blіzzаrd оf Ozz bаnd іn 1979 аftеr a fеw уеаrѕ оf wоrkіng аѕ a guіtаr tеасhеr; ассоrdіng tо lеgеnd, Rhoads wоuld соntіnuе tо tаkе guіtаr lеѕѕоnѕ hіmѕеlf іn dіffеrеnt сіtіеѕ whеn hе wаѕ оn tоur wіth Ozzу. Bу thе tіmе hе rесоrdеd hіѕ fіnаl аlbum, Ozzу’ѕ Dіаrу оf a Mаdmаn, Rhоаdѕ wаѕ gеttіng dеереr іntо сlаѕѕісаl muѕіс, аnd еvеn еxрlоrіng jаzz. Hе wаѕ rеасhіng dеер іntо hіmѕеlf аѕ a guitar рlауеr, Nіkkі Sіxx of Mötlеу Crüе ѕаіd. Thаt wаѕ rеаllу thе nеxt ѕtер rіght thеrе.

Rаndу Rhоаdѕ lеаrnt сlаѕѕісаl guіtаr аnd аррlіеd іt tо hіѕ рlауіng оn thе twо Ozzу Oѕbоurnе albums (Blіzzаrd Of Ozz аnd Dіаrу Of A Mаdmаn) thеѕе twо аlbumѕ ѕhоwеd whаt he соuld dо аnd hіѕ fuѕіоn оf a сlаѕѕісаl ѕtуlе аnd mеtаl wоrkеd wеll аѕ hе соuld ѕhrеd аѕ wеll аѕ рlау vеrу mеlоdіс hаrmоnіеѕ аѕ саn bе hеаrd оn thе twо Ozzу аlbumѕ оn trасkѕ lіkе Crаzу Trаіn аnd Mr. Crоwlеу.

Arоund thіѕ tіmе, Rhоаdѕ rеmаrkеd tо Oѕbоurnе, bаndmаtеѕ Aldrіdgе аnd Sаrzо, аnd frіеnd Kеllу Gаrnі thаt hе wаѕ соnѕіdеrіng lеаvіng rосk fоr a fеw уеаrѕ tо еаrn a dеgrее іn сlаѕѕісаl guіtаr аt UCLA. In thе dосumеntаrу ‘’Dоn’t Blаmе Mе’’, Oѕbоurnе confirmed Rhоаdѕ’ dеѕіrе tо еаrn thе dеgrее аnd ѕtаtеd thаt hаd hе lіvеd, hе dіd nоt bеlіеvе Rhоаdѕ wоuld hаvе ѕtауеd іn hіѕ bаnd. Frіеnd аnd еx-Quіеt Rіоt bassist Gаrnі hаѕ ѕресulаtеd іn іntеrvіеwѕ thаt іf Rhоаdѕ hаd соntіnuеd tо рlау rосk, hе mіght hаvе gоnе thе rоutе оf mоrе kеуbоаrd-drіvеn rосk, whісh hаd bесоmе рорulаr thrоugh thе 1980ѕ. It was аt this tіmе thаt Rhоаdѕ wаѕ bеgіnnіng tо rесеіvе rесоgnіtіоn fоr hіѕ рlауіng. Juѕt bеfоrе hіѕ dеаth Jасkѕоn Guіtаrѕ сrеаtеd a ѕіgnаturе mоdеl, thе Jасkѕоn Rаndу Rhоаdѕ (thоugh Rhоаdѕ hаd оrіgіnаllу саllеd hіѕ whіtе ріnѕtrіреd V “thе Cоnсоrdе”). Rhоаdѕ rесеіvеd оnе рrоtоtуре a blасk оffѕеt V hаrdtаіl thаt іѕ thе bаѕіѕ fоr tоdау’ѕ RR lіnе оf Jасkѕоn guіtаrѕ but dіеd bеfоrе thе guіtаr wеnt іntо рrоduсtіоn. Rhоаdѕ аlѕо rесеіvеd thе Best Nеw Tаlеnt аwаrd frоm Guіtаr Plауеr mаgаzіnе. Whіlе оn tоur wіth Oѕbоurnе, Rhoads wоuld ѕееk оut сlаѕѕісаl guіtаr tutоrѕ fоr lеѕѕоnѕ whеnеvеr роѕѕіblе.

Charvel Unveils New Jake E Lee And Warren Demartini Signature Model Guitars

Charvel continues its long-held partnerships with Warren DeMartini and Jake E Lee with the upcoming release of brand-new signature models. The Warren DeMartini USA Signature Frenchie and the Jake E Lee USA Signature Blue Burst will be unveiled this week at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tenn., and available to consumers in October 2017.

Warren DeMartini USA Signature Frenchie








Fans have long clamored for a replica of Warren DeMartini’s famed and beloved “Frenchie” guitar, as seen live on tour and on a slew of magazine covers throughout Ratt’s reign in the 1980s. Charvel has responded with the Warren DeMartini USA Signature Frenchie, available in a Snow White and a Gloss Black finish. Both are detailed with cross decals and a tribute quote to James Dean in French that translates “too fast to live, too young to die.”

The Frenchie also offers premium features such as a Dinky™ alder body, one-piece bolt-on quartersawn maple neck and a 12″- 16″ compound radius maple fingerboard with 22 jumbo stainless steel frets and black dot inlays.

Custom-made for the legendary lead guitarist, the Seymour Duncan® Warren DeMartini RTM (“Rattus Tonus Maximus”) bridge pickup is a powerful high-output humbucker that naturally compresses for a well-balanced and even tone, perfect for complex chording and precision soloing. The RTM is boosted by an SSL-4 Quarter Pound neck pickup, adding fat, supercharged punch, and extra sustain.

The Frenchie also features a single volume control knob, three-way toggle switching, a Floyd Rose Original locking bridge and Gotoh® tuning machines.









Jake E Lee USA Signature Blue Burst








Jake E Lee’s original Blue Burst guitar gained notoriety during his stint with Ozzy Osbourne, as he recorded and performed live with the famous instrument throughout the band’s pivotal Bark at the Moon and Ultimate Sin years. Charvel® has recreated an unmistakable replica of Lee’s original model down to the very last detail.

The Jake E Lee USA Signature Blue Burst features a poplar body, one-piece bolt-on quartersawn maple neck and a 12” radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and white dot inlays.

Equipped with a versatile customized Seymour Duncan® JB Alnico II humbucking bridge pickup, this model can handle a diverse range of tones from sweet and warm to aggressive and distorted. It’s also supercharged with two powerful single-coil DiMarzio® SDS-1 pickups in the middle and neck for extra gain with a deeper, darker tone. The pickups are controlled with a five-way blade switch and single volume knob.

Available in a mesmerizing Blue Burst, this signature axe also features a brass Charvel hardtail bridge and output jack plate, and black Gotoh® tuning machines.

Ozzy Osbourne: If Zakk Departs After The Summer Tour, Who Will Replace Him?

By Andrew Catania

Now that the Black Sabbath band has started wrapping up their music career and the final show has been locked in for February 4th, many of us will mourn not having more from the band. However, this is equally pleasing in tandem, that Ozzy Osbourne, the Madman of Black Sabbath who recently turned 68, hasn’t called it a day yet and says that he’s “currently playing around with some song ideas. I have a few things jotted down, and once Black Sabbath is off the road, I will be heading into the studio with my band to get the songs recorded. Once it’s all in the can, you can be sure to see me back on the road again.”

Sounds cool, right!

So now that the big news is out and has enthralled the crazy global fandom of Ozzy – the ultimate Prince of Darkness, apparently, this has become a topic of hot debate about who will play the guitar on his upcoming solo records.  Ozzy has stated that Zakk Wylde will be performing with him on his scheduled summer dates

Is Zakk going to continue with Ozzy after the summer tour dates?  Or would he be going back to Black Label?  Here are our top picks of potential guitarists likely to pair up with Ozzy if Zakk departs:

Rusty Cooley

Acclaimed for his aesthetic and intricately refined techniques, and rendered as one of the fastest guitarists in the US, Rusty Cooley is a virtuosic name in heavy, progressive and power metal genre. Well-known as the king of shreds, Rusty has been casting a spell through his chords since 1985 and has been associated with the Day of Reckoning, Outworld, Austrian Death Machine, the Rings of Saturn and some solos and individual performances. He has been called as the ‘Leading Light of Post-Malmsteen Shred-volution’ by the Guitar Player magazine.

Jeff Loomis

Famous and applauded for his soulful contribution to ‘Nevermore,’ Jeff Loomis is one of the top-notch names that rule the present-age metal genre. Jeff Loomis has proven his mettle as a lyricist, composer, vocalist, bassist and keyboard, drum and guitar player.

Aside from some fruitful associations with Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Fear Tech, Sanctuary, Conquering Dystopia, Experiment Fear, System, and 7 Eyes, Jeff Loomis has skillfully proved his virtuosity in some solos that make a big emblem of his unique classic arpeggios and gradually flowing nuances.

Marty Friedman

Famous for his former association with the heavy metal band Megadeth that ruled the music world for the entire decade of the mighty 90s, Marty Friedman has now become a mega music sensation in Japan.

His shredding techniques and style still carry that vibrant and signature ‘Megadeth’ essence, however, his personal preferences and music taste have drifted towards contemporary and Japanese pop. This has influenced him to evolve as an ecstatic fusion of eastern and western music, punctuated and infused with thrash metal, progressive rock, and neoclassic genres.

Vinnie Moore

Having emerged on the 80s music horizon with his incredible performances in Alice Cooper’sHey Stoopid,’ Vinnie Moore has managed to attain the stature of the most influential musicians who defined and shaped the dynamics and tending patterns of the music scene of the 80s and 90s.

Vinnie Moore has had an exciting career from 1986 to date, that is punctuated with his associated acts with UFO, Alice Cooper, Red Zone Rider, along with some hit solos records to his name. Vinnie Moore’s style stems from neoclassical metal, heavy metal, hard rock, and instrumental rock genre.

Jimi Bell

Jimi Bell, known as “The Giant On The Guitar,” was  Ozzy’s second choice to Zakk Wylde.  Jimi has had a successful career starting with his band, Joined Forces.  He’s currently the guitarist for House of Lords. Jimi’s style of hard rock, the instrumental rock genre would make him an ideal choice for Ozzy.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For Randy Rhoads Museum And Musonia School Of Music Restoration

 A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help the Musonia School of Music that was founded by Delores Rhoads in 1948.

Musonia School of Music was founded by Delores Rhoads in 1948, as a place where children and adults in the local community could receive music education at an affordable price. Run today by Delores’ son Kelle Rhoads, Musonia continues to teach local students of all ages piano, drums, and guitar.

Image result for delores rhoads

Randy Rhoads, the iconic guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot, was the son of Delores Rhoads. He learned how to play guitar at Musonia. After his passing, Musonia now serves a dual role as a music school and the Randy Rhoads museum.

In order for Musonia to continue operating, it needs some small but urgent restoration work. The exterior of the school needs to be repainted to prevent decay of the wood. The guitar room and bathroom also need to be repainted, with some deep cleaning as well.

Most excitingly, the second half of the grand salon, which has previously been closed to tours, will be reopened and cleaned. This space will become the official Randy Rhoads museum. The Randy Rhoads artifacts and memorabilia would now have a dedicated and secure space in the building, preserving them for future generations.

Although the amount for this campaign is $2,000, Musonia actually needs up to $20,000 to restore the surfaces and infrastructure of the building. We are offering some exciting rewards in this campaign to supporters of the school and fans of Randy Rhoads, and we hope that you’ll help us reach our goal.

We hope you’ll consider becoming part of the mission to restore the Musonia school and create a museum for Randy Rhoads fans of the future.

The major challenge in this project is going to be painting and cleaning the school, while still protecting and storing the precious pieces of the Randy Rhoads museum.

The upright pianos and instruments from the second half of the grand salon (currently storage area) will need be moved out to the rear of the school.

The funding from Kickstarter will be used to fund the restoration, such as repainting the ceiling of the lobby and grand salon, and the exterior of the school, which is estimated at $8000. We will need every dollar that can be provided from Kickstarter to get Musonia back into a condition where it can attract new students and visitors in the 21st century.

Zakk Wylde: Why I Was Asked To Rejoin Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde announced a collaboration for a 2017 summer tour that happens to mark the 30th anniversary of the duo’s first collaboration. The news marked the end of Ozzy’s nearly decade-long collaboration with guitarist Gus G.

Many fans wondered why the change.  Ozzy usually would start looking for a new guitarist.  The reason is rather straightforward.

“Oz called up; he said at this juncture Gus Gus couldn’t do it,” Wylde told 98.9 The Rock this past Saturday, June 3.

“And he said, ‘Who else could get the dishes as clean and the linens as fluffy as they were back in the day?’ So that’s the reason why. It has nothing to do with the guitar playing. It’s just because Gus couldn’t do it. So they’re, like, ‘Well, we’ll let him play guitar while he’s here anyway doing dishes and linens.'”

Back on April 28, Gus was quick to release a statement wishing Ozzy and Zakk well.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege playing by your side since 2009,” Gus wrote. “Nothing but great times and an experience of a lifetime. As a fan, it’s great to see Ozzy and Zakk back together. It’s been long overdue.”

Ozzy’s touring band will be rounded out by  Rob “Blasko” Nicholson on bass, Tommy Clufetos on drums and Adam Wakeman on keyboards.

One question remains unanswered.  Will Zakk continue with Ozzy if he records a new record?


Zakk Wylde and Ozzy Osbourne Are Back Together

Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde have reunited! The guitarist has rejoined the Prince of Darkness’ band and they’ll be together onstage for Ozzy’s upcoming 2017 shows!

It was 30 years ago that Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde first teamed up, taking over for the legendary Jake E. Lee. Zakk became an icon in his own right through virtuosic guitar work and his later career with Black Label Society.

Zakk’s had a scattered history with Ozzy, playing with The Boss from 1987-1995, in 1998, from 2001-2004 and from 2006-2009. Wylde has performed on on five Ozzy albums including No Rest For the Wicked and No More Tears, along with three live albums.

In addition to Wylde, Osbourne’s band will continue to feature Blasko on bass, Tommy Clufetos on drums and Adam Wakeman on keyboards. Zakk’s return means guitarist Gus G is out of the band.

“I’m so happy to be getting back on the road with Zakk, Blasko, Tommy and Adam,” says Ozzy Osbourne. “This is what I do. This is where I belong, on the road.”

“I’m really looking forward to The HARDCORE POWAHLIFTING TRAINING SESSIONS with Ozzy as well as playing music in between sets of HEAVY SQUATS, BENCHING and DEADLIFTS,” adds Wylde.

Ozzy has also confirmed a 2018 release date for his next solo album. Will Zakk Wylde be a part of it? We’ll have to wait and see!

Ozzy Osbourne 2017 U.S. Tour Dates With Zakk Wylde:

07/14 – Oshkosh, Wis. @ Rock USA Festival
07/16 – Chicago, Ill. @ Chicago Open Air Festival
08/09 – Sturgis, S.D. @ Buffalo Chip
08/21 – Cartersville, Ill. @ Moonstock Festival


The Legacy Of Guitarist Jimi Bell

By Andrew Catania

I’ve known Jimi Bell for over 30 years.  I remember sneaking out of my parent’s house to go to the Agora Ballroom in West Hartford, Connecticut to see Joined Forces.  Jimi is a giant on the guitar; Bell has used his considerable talent and abilities to work with the top artists in the music and entertainment industry.

He was an active guitar phenom player in those bands. In 1986, Jimi Bell worked in Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett’s film “Light of Day.”  I.n this movie, he was both a performer as an actor, and he played on the soundtrack as well.

At the time Bell was endorsed by Kramer Guitars. Kramer was the one who admitted Bell’s talent and mental abilities, and he wanted him to get to the place he deserved. Meanwhile in 1987, across the country, Ozzy Osbourne started an international campaign to search for the best guitar player in the world to replace the departed Jake E. Lee.

When Kramer heard about this audition, They sent Bell’s video to Ozzy’s wife. Bell was just surprised when he received the call for an audition. He went to Los Angeles for the audition. There were around 500 best young guitarists from all over the United States. Bell’s playing made a great impression there, and Ozzy himself decided to play with Bell the next day. He was so much nervous on that day. However he played well on that day too, and after that audition, Jimi Bell was told that it was down to him and Zakk Wylde.

Therefore, he decided to stay in town for another day. After one day, he was sent home on account that the event had come down to 2 guitarists; Jimi Bell and Zakk Wylde. After that, the members of his band left him, and Bell remained alone. After a week, Bell learned that Zakk Wylde was the new guitarist of Ozzy.  It’s this writers opinion that the Osbourne camp shortchanged themselves by not picking Bell.  Jimi Bell is a more of a complete guitarist than Wylde.  Bell was so much disappointed; he was feeling lost, with no band and no career.

After a few months, Bell received a call that Geezer Butler was searching for a new guitarist. He went there to record his music, but he had bad luck there. He was once again left alone. Despite his failure every time, Bell never quit. He began to realize that every time one door closed, another would open. He believed that giving up on his dreams was simply not an option. A few years ago, he had to fight with cancer too.

In 2005, Jimi Bell joined the band House of Lords, and he never looked back. Since 2005, Bell has toured Europe every year with House of Lords. His band Maxx Explosion, an off-shoot of House of Lords, has been playing very well and regularly in the United States. Despite setbacks, Jimi Bell had made music of his life.

Despite his “what if” thinking, Jimi looks back on his experience with Ozzy with a positive feeling and has no regret for that.

Jake E Lee and his Charvel Guitars

By Andrew Catania

It must have been an extra special task for Jake E. Lee to replace Randy Rhoads –who died in a plane crash in 1982- as a guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne’s band.

With ripping solos and great riffs in songs such as “ Rock N’ Roll Rebel” and “Bark at the Moon,” Jake E. Lee grew rapidly to be a guitar hero for several wannabe guitarists who wanted to follow each shade of his intense vibrato and incendiary tactic.

During the performance of this and other songs, he trusted a greatly modified mid-seventies fender Stratocaster that some thought was a Charvel guitar.
Lovingly nicknamed “Whitney” the guitar initially had a tobacco sunburst finish up to a time that Lee’s roommate – who was a painter at Charvel– painted it white after shaving the headstock.
The most noticeable changes of the guitar were in the center and neck only-coil pickups, which were made to lean in reverse. The configuration was Hendrix-inspired and it gave the guitar a uniquely cool look.
Ever since his short-lived stay in Ozzy and with his own band, Badlands, Jake E. Lee has maintained a low profile. However, he lately came forth with his new band, Red Dragon Cartel.
During his inconsistent career, what has been consistent is the guitar with which he is mainly associated. Fortunately, Charvel has recognized this exceptional instrument by providing the Jake E. Lee signature model with similar amazing tones.

There are several well-known Strat-Style guitars available today, but not any can come close to the Spartan fine-tuning of the Jack E. Lee.
Contrasting several “Super Strats” in this arena, which usually have additional frets, locking tremolos and double Humbuckers, the JEL has merely the bare essentials, counting:
– 21 frets- A bridge with a hard-tail design- It has a Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker- Double reverse-slanted DiMarzio SDS-1 one-coil pickups –controlled by a single volume knob with a versatile Five-Way Switching- Slender, lightweight ash body- Rosewood fretboard- Quarter Sawn Maple Neck with Oil Finish- Medium Jumbo Frets- 12″ to 16″ Compound Radius

The Jake E. Lee is a significant instrument since it allows flying about the fretboard easily with downright. That could be the secret behind Lee’s wide-interval vibrato techniques that created the tremolo bar effect.
Without fretting out, the 12 to 16-inch compound radius permits for extraordinary 21/2 step bend. In spite of the neck having a slim profile, it is strong which makes picking or placing your thumbs on the edge of the fretboard a piece of cake.
The Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker is ideal for this guitar. It has all the middle range bite required for different musical styles without overcoming the inbuilt fine tone of its ash body.
The reverse-slanted DiMarzio SDS-1 pickups are well-balanced for clarity. They also have a good deal of zest in the reverse-slanted configuration, making the notes resonate in a big way.
Even with its simplicity the JEL produces a huge sound and feels like a top-notch custom instrument, demonstrating less is beyond doubt more.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The Charvel Jake E. Lee Signature is a stripped-down rock and metal instrument possessing fine, pure tones and the best guitarist-friendly neck.

After 33 years Jake E Lee Should Finally Get Song Credits From the Osbournes for BATM

By Andrew Catania

The story of Ozzy Osbourne and Jake E Lee remains a great tale as old as time. Do you know that a musician without any prior business knowledge can be screwed up in a deal? This is exactly what happened between Jake and Ozzy. Jake has played on The Ultimate Sin and Bark at the Moon while operating with Ozzy.   Sharon Osbourne openly screwed Jake over royalties and songwriting credits. While Ozzy and Jake signed a deal, it later backfired to hurt the guitarist.

Jake E Lee was promised writing credits and even publishing before the deal. The primary problem with Jake is that he had no lawyer or management. Ozzy Osbourne has promised Jake of everything coming while he keeps on working on the album and signed the deal. As inquisitive as it gets, Jake keeps asking because he is about to complete the music recording. While Jake finally dropped the track of the guitar playing, Ozzy mentioned the contract is ready. Right in the surreptitious deal, it is agreed that Ozzy Osbourne handled the writing of all songs. Jake is not the original writer and cannot as well claim any publishing. In the contract, it also mentioned that Jake cannot claim to have the rights to the music publicly.

While Jake questioned the contact, Sharon admitted that this isn’t the agreement. It is important to know that Ozzy Osbourne already has the tracks of the songs from Jake. This means if Jake did not sign the contract, he will be given a return flight ticket home. Ozzy can now hire another guitarist to redo the tracks Jake already suffered for and nothing will ever go to him. The entire schematics of Sharon sounds mean and if Jake took any action, things may get worse. For this reason, Jake decided not to participate in The Ultimate Sin until a good contract is signed. Jake also mentioned that both publishing and writing credits should be given to him for The Ultimate Sin. Sharon Osbourne took a clever run on Jake Lee at all costs.

Do you know why Jake even agreed to do the recordings before signing a real contract? For one, Jake was on a farm in the middle of Europe recording the tracks.  For this reason, it was easy for Sharon to easily screw him up. Once your tracks are already written, you will not have sufficient bargaining strength. Even when your songs are recorded, they will not have any value to you again. For the music business, this is really a painful experience on Jake E Lee. With Ozzy Osborne, Jake may have appeared on a couple of albums. However, Jake has really supported Sharon score two of the most successful commercial releases. Jake is the backbone of the success of the Ozzy Osbourne’s illustrious and long career.

As a kid, Jake took classical piano courses. Lee received support from his older sister and mixed up with rock record collection. Lee picked up a guitar in his teenage years being influenced by technically and fiery expert players such as Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, and Tommy Bolin. Bark at the Moon remains the first album of Jake with Osbourne. This remains a platinum hit and released that emanated after a mammoth tour. This album confirmed that Lee is one of the best guitarists during his time. In 1985, after another wonderful festival, Osbourne and Jake stopped and immediately started working on the second album.

In 1986, The Ultimate Sin remains Osbourne’s most commercial-striking album of his solo career. This album also moved into another platinum hit for Osbourne and become a sold-out success. In the meantime, both Osbourne and JakeE  Lee fell out behind the scene. This is because Osbourne’s unpredictable behavior caused by drug abuse and alcohol made.  Sharon again screwed Jake and dismissed him in 1987.  Without any iota of doubt, Jake E Lee remains the backbone of Osbourne’s hit albums. Jake is also one of the best guitarists today in the world. Jake E Lee is a natural artist with a good humor of playing the guitar.