June 2, 2023

About Us


From listeners to musicians, from luthiers to retailers, from studios to records labels, from acoustics to whammy bars – this is the ultimate virtual planet for metal music enthusiasts across the globe.

A comprehensive web portal that is solely dedicated to rock and metal music, All That Shreds was established as the one-stop platform for everyone associated with the hard rock and heavy metal genres. All That Shreds strives to take all guitarists, composers, maestros, and artisans on board and impart their true insights about music as well as the progress and future of genres in the truest sense for the benefit of metal fanatics.

We conduct comprehensive interview sessions with musicians, guitar makers, and producers, always striving to touch upon the concealed and untapped corners of their skill sets, future aspirations, and personal and professional lives. This way, we establish a sublime connection between the fans and all stakeholders contributing to hard rock and heavy metal genre.

All That Shreds is a dedicated attempt to remember, recall and preserve the legacy of the legends and luminaries whose efforts not only established and strengthened the foundation of the genre but lifted it to a stature where it stands today. We pay a cordial homage and tribute to those maestros and make a dedicated reminder of their contribution to present age musicians as well as the metal enthusiasts.

A masterpiece melody is born as a result of the fusion of skills with the tact of chords.

At All That Shreds, we believe that virtuosic luthiers and expert craftsmen, who’ve dedicated their entire lives perfecting the tact and rhythm of chords, have made just as much a contribution to the growth and progress of the genre as the musicians themselves.

All that Shreds frequently sheds light on the work and efforts of these axeman artisans and bring them from backstage to forefront and highlight their specialties and specifications of their masterpiece instruments.

In a nutshell, All That Shreds is your ultimate encyclopedia of rock and metal for all rock buffs and metalheads who have their heartbeat strung with guitar chords.

Here, you will find authentic news, information, and analysis of current happening and upcoming events, releases and records. Be a part of our growing rock and metal fraternity through our website and official Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn handles.

May the ‘Mettle’ Be With You – Stay Tuned and Shred On!

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