August 18, 2022
ZFG's Trev Lukather Discusses New Band And Video


We spoke with Trev Lukather and discussed his new band.

What’s new with ZFG?

TL: We did a tour with What So Not for Laneway Festival all over Australia. I’ve been on tour with WSN for the past year, and it’s been one hell of an experience and one bucket list check after another. Now, the ZFG chapter is just starting, and I couldn’t be more excited. This band is everything to me. We are brothers in arms and ready to do whatever possible to make our music known to as many people as possible.

How involved was it to make the lyric video for Special?

TL: I have to hand this one to our manager John Gomez. We had a few band meetings about ideas for the Lyric Video. Lyric videos are new to me, so I didn’t have much to say. I was more into the performance video idea, but I’m glad John took the initiative and found the guy who made such a new lyric video come to life. The response has been killer and us ZFG boys couldn’t be happier with it.

How was the experience of recording your new EP?

TL:  It was an exciting experience. We blocked out two weeks back in October and just went for it. We were writing and arranging a bunch of songs and narrowed it down to 6 of our favorites. “Special” was the last minute. We wrote, arranged, and recorded it in the studio. Had Lenny Castro come in and lay down his legendary percussion which brought the song to a whole new level of groove. It was a full circle moment. Lenny being my Godfather and playing with Toto since the beginning and now playing on Sam, and my record was quite a fantastic trip for us all. Josh grew up a huge Jeff Porcaro fan so playing with Lenny was a massive moment for Josh. We bonded as a band watching what we created come to life. Everyone brought their A game and too many laughs to count in between. Watching everyone push their boundaries and bring their heart to every song was a treat. It’s like we are all fans of each other and geeking out every time someone’s up to bat. We knew we were creating something really “Special.”

You embarked on your first tour as ZFG this Spring with Adelitas Way and The Winery Dogs. How did this tour come to be?

TL: That’s another shout out to our General John Gomez. We call him General. We wanted a foot soldier in our corner, and we got a General. He brought some great people to the table that are helping us build. Adelita’s Way tour was our first tour as ZFG. The excitement is deep. We appreciate AW for bringing us out. They’ve been in contact with us on Instagram. They’re super cool. The Winery Dogs are more close to home. I’ve to know Richie Kotzen for years. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen was Richie Kotzen’s solo band in LA. Adding Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy to the mix is where we as ZFG have to bring our A++ game. I think their fans will take to us tho. We have some new songs in the works that are very riff and music driven with the anthemic chorus’. I think we’ll bust those out for that run.

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