Your Wallet Will Be Singing The Blues If You Purchase Yngwie Malmsteen’s ‘Blue Lightning’

Yngwie Malmsteen brings us his latest effort titled “Blue Lightning” which is supposed to celebrate his roots in Blues music that will be released on March 29, 2019, via Mascot Records.  Yngwie has definitely done one thing with Blue Lightning is that people who purchase it will be singing the blues with the horrible production of this record.

Going through the 12 songs on Blue Lightning it sounds as though he’s still using a Roland R8 Drum Machine from the ’80s instead of using a real drummer.  The vocals are the usual nostalgia when he’s worked with some of the best vocalists in metal back in the day.  When you don’t pay your band members and burn bridges, they don’t want to work with you anymore.

Yngwie feels with him producing and doing the vocals that he doesn’t have to deal with any ego problems.  So, he sticks his touring band in the corner of the stage so he’s the only one that has the spotlight.

Yngwie once ruled the 80’s shred guitar movement.  His first four albums are masterpieces.  He’s had some good albums since then but nothing to the degree of the albums he released back in the day.  He had a real band and a real singer.  This album is nothing short of a piss poor production that could easily be solved with a real singer and somebody else producing it.

Will the Yngwie fanboys purchase this?  No doubt.  They’ll say this is a greatly produced album.  In a highly competitive music industry where today’s guitarists have taken Yngwie’s abilities and mastered them, he should really think more of his fans and produce a decent quality album.  A kid in his bedroom could record something better than Blue Lightning. 5/10 RATING

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