Yngwie Malmsteen’s Parabellum: Embarrassing, Disappointing, Not Even Close & Definitely No Cigar!

It’s quite obvious the Yngwie Malmsteen that we’re used to from 1983-1999 is long gone.  What we get now is embarrassing, outdated drum machines, horrible production, someone who thinks he’s putting out the best product while the musicians who helped him along the way he’s alienated by his outrageous behavior.

Whether it be him suing long-time ex-girlfriend Tallee Savage for ridiculous accusations that were eventually laughed out of court by a Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge, to him making disparaging comments about the former lead singers that helped catapult him to commercial success during his heyday.  Now, his house is in foreclosure.

The Yngwie faithful in international countries will rave that this album is great, sounds great, etc.  I don’t know if they need a hearing test or their blind love for YJM.

His label won’t be happy with our review and hopefully, that will wake them up to tell YJM to tighten up future releases or buh bye.

If you’re one of the blind followers that will rave about it and pay the $400 to meet him on his upcoming tour with a lackluster backing band, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

Yngwie Malmsteen's Parabellum: Embarrassing, Disappointing, Not Even Close & Definitely No Cigar!

7 thoughts on “Yngwie Malmsteen’s Parabellum: Embarrassing, Disappointing, Not Even Close & Definitely No Cigar!

  1. All proceeds from the album go to his wife’s Coco Chanel addiction and to maintaining that dead beaver stitched on to his head.

  2. I am glad someone else thinks this way. Considering how he always brags about his studio, the production of his last few albums sound more like rough demos than finished records.Great guitar player but definitely NOT a good (or even decent) mixer and /or producer.

    1. What surprises me is his legion of fans think this is a great record 🤦🏻‍♂️. I’d hate to see what they’d think of his 80’s stuff which is his best ever.

  3. I’ve met him at meet and greet , and he was nice and funny ! His new record isn’t as good as his 80’s stuff for many reasons like he has no vocalist on it ( singing everything himself , which he is not bad but pro singers are better) ,no real drums ( I personally don’t like his drum machine sound) . I like his instrumentals and thought he played really good ( not as good as his classic stuff but still very good ) , but also I would of loved hearing more riffs as well like in his 80’s-90’s and early 2000 eras! Overall I would say it’s definitely not his best record but he is still playing amazing ( much better then most players will ever be able to in their lifetime).

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