Yngwie Malmsteen Tells LA Club To Get Jeff Scott Soto ‘Marching Out’ Or He’ll Cancel The Show

Singvay strikes again!  While playing at a Los Angeles club the other night, Jeff Scott Soto was in attendance to see a friend of his opening up for Malmsteen.  According to SOTO, this happened:

Yngwie Malmsteen Tells LA Club To Get Jeff Scott Soto 'Marching Out' Or He'll Cancel The Show

Anyone that has had any involvement with Singvay would know this sounds typical of him.

Singvay responded to SOTO claims:



Now, let’s separate Yngwie the person, and Yngwie the guitarist.  Yngwie was on top of the world in the 80s with great records when he had a full band to compliment his guitar playing.  Jeff, Mark Bowls, Joe Lynn Turner, Matts Leven, Doogie White, Goran Edman, Michael Viscera, and Tim Ripper Owens have contributed hugely to him.  Compare seeing Yngwie in concert back opening for Iron Maiden or AC/DC to the present day of his band pushed to the side of the stage and him singing.  Which would you prefer?

Yngwie the person is a vile, nasty, vengeful person who will hold grudges for the rest of his life.  Let’s review:

  1. He tried suing his longtime Ex Tallee Savage who was instrumental in bringing him to the states from Sweden and getting his career started for slander and other stupid and ridiculous claims.  A Miami Dade Judge laughed and tossed his lawsuit out of court.
  2. His Miami Shores home went into foreclosure.
  3. He constantly has his lawyers emailing us about ‘negative’ articles about him.

SOTO likes to celebrate his musical past and is proud of the records he did with Singvay.


SOTO doesn’t need to stalk a once-great guitar player who’s a shell of his former self, and has alienated every person from his past from either his attitude, not paying them, or a combination of both.

SOTO has a thriving solo career along with Trans-Siberian ORchectstra and Sons of Apollo.

Singvay is playing to 1/4 filled theaters with his band pushed to the side having his lawyers threaten any press outlet that speaks negatively about him.

4 thoughts on “Yngwie Malmsteen Tells LA Club To Get Jeff Scott Soto ‘Marching Out’ Or He’ll Cancel The Show

  1. Yngwie is a Legend! SOTO needs to stay where he belongs, and stop being sepf centered! He didn’t go to see his friends band, he went to have an article written about himself. Yngwie did the right thing 🤘

    1. Put the crack pipe down. Soto isn’t a bloviating imbecile like YJM. He doesn’t need an article write about him for this garbage.

  2. As Yngwie said… “Once the singer thinks he’s Elvis, he’s out!”. It’s the Yngwie show or no show! Lmaoo 🤣

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