September 28, 2022
Yngwie Malmsteen To Release New Studio Album 'Parabellum' On 7/23

By John Sullivan

Good ol Yngwie is back at it again.  We’ve never seen someone send lawyers after the press trying to control the narrative of the free press that gives him an ounce of criticism.  Can you imagine if he put this kind of effort into making an album with a real singer, producer, and band?  We’d have the old Yngwie back!

This time it’s an Attorney acting as a mediator for Mr. Malmsteen:

Yngwie Malmsteen Sending His Lawyers Again This Time As "Mediators" About Negative Articles On Him Yngwie Malmsteen Sending His Lawyers Again This Time As "Mediators" About Negative Articles On Him

Let’s review history.  First, Yngwie had his house in foreclosure.  Second, he sued his former longtime girlfriend, Tallee Savage for slander and a bunch of other BS that a Miami Dade Circuit Court Judge tossed out as frivolous.  Anyone that knows his history knows Tallee was instrumental in bringing him over from Sweden and his early success in his career.  Tallee is a world-renowned photographer and one of the nicest people you’d meet.  Yngwie and April don’t want to give anty credit to Tallee for contributing to his success.

You can’t control the press with lawyers, threats of lawsuits, lawsuits, etc. Mr. Malmsteen.  We’ve been down this road before a couple of times and you’ve lost.  Instead of wasting yours and our time with this utter bullshit, why don’t you take this energy and mend fences with Jeff Scott Soto, Mark Boals, Joe Lynn Turner and hire them to do vocals on your next album along with an A-lister producer instead of this drum machine induced tin-can sounding albums you’ve been releasing?  Better yet, we’ll give you equal time to counter any opinions made with an interview.  The door is always open for you.  Remember, some of your biggest fans run this magazine and make yourself look foolish with these asinine emails from these lawyers.

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