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Yngwie J Malmsteen and his Guitar Strings

By Andrew Catania

Yngwie Johann Malmsteen is an eminent legend, a famous guitarist, and renowned bandleader. He appeared for the first time in the 1980s for his classical heavy metal playing style. Time Magazine ratings of 2009 declared Malmsteen as one of the top electric guitarists in the history.

Malmsteen was known to be a heavy user of Fender equipment. His well-reputed usage of a Stratocaster namely “The Duck” was a viral voice of time as Fender replicated it with 100 copies and branded it by the name “Play Loud”  It grew the popularity of Fender and Malmsteen simultaneously.

In the early period of his career, Yngwie uses to play guitar Stratocasters other than Fender. However, he remained an exclusively Fender guitar user after that during most of his career period. The behind picture is that he possesses an enormous set of nearly similar designed Fender Stratocasters instead of using multiple guitar string brands. Each differentiated product under the parent brand of Fender was uniquely branded by its attributes, benefits, and functioning. The most favorites of Yngwie, include Fender Stratocaster Duck of 1971, Fender Stratocaster no. 1 of the same year, Fender Stratocaster no. 2 of the 1970s, Fender Stratocaster no. 3 of 1968, Fender Stratocaster of 1961, Fender Stratocaster of 1966, Fender Stratocaster of 1959, The Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster and Yngwie signature model of the Fender Stratocaster. Fender Stratocaster Duck was named so due to its association with Donald Duck, and he still uses to play it on an occasional basis while Stratocaster no. 1 was branded for its usage of soloing. Stratocaster number 2 was stamped for its harder sounds, the maple-cap neck was a unique branding point for number 3, Stratocaster of 1961 was branded for a simultaneous bridge, and pickup functioning and the custom shop was branded as noiseless pickups. Hence the usage of guitar strings by Yngwie is not of multiple trials of numerous manufacturers of branded guitar strings; rather he used a familiar name of Fender for various unique products.

Fender still enjoys significant rankings among the top manufacturing brands of guitar strings. The way Fender differentiated its products as sub-brands are remarkable and created hype in the laconic industry of related products. There left no room for doubt that the size of the guitar strings manufacturing sector is terse, but few other competing brands emerged over time and were in use of Yngwie. These include Ovation Viper CV68 and Carvin AC175 Thinline Yngwie Malmsteen.

Besides, the most popular brands for guitar strings are D’Addario, Dean Markley, DR Handmade Strings, Dunlop, Elixir, Ernie Ball, GHS, La Bella, Martin Guitar Strings, Optima Guitar Strings, Rotosound, and Sfarzo. D’Addario is a provider of both acoustic guitars and electric guitars and is liked by consumers due to its branding strategy of environmental friendliness. Dean Markley possesses its facilities for manufacturing and is substantially accepted by modern guitarists of the era. DR handmade strings are the supplier of diverse range of related products with a perfect combination business model of standard and advanced equipment. Dunlop is the manufacturer of solely electrical guitar strings, whereas Elixir is a premium brand due to its significantly large charges for the durability of its offerings. Ernie Ball is the most famous brand due to well build and reputed goodwill while La Bella differentiated in its branding as it not only provides guitar strings but an array of musical instruments. Martin Guitar strings are known for its quality, and Optima guitar strings are a hot trend of time among top artists. Owing to unique features and offerings, brands of guitar strings do vary, but Fender remained an almost exclusive selection for Yngwie Malmsteen.

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