May 29, 2023
WristGrip Compression Wraps Are The Real Deal!

By Andrew Catania

I received an email from Ryan at WristGrips telling me about his compression wraps for musicians.  Ryan who’s a musician himself has a product that can help elevate some issues like carpal tunnel, tingling in the fingers and hands or wrist pain. I got a pair to try myself as I suffer from the conditions of carpal tunnel and tingling in the hands.

Wrist Grips Drum Sticks Fist

I’ve had my WristGrips for about a week.  I started wearing them when I’m at the computer for long periods, playing and while sleeping.  I can tell you that WristGrips is the real deal.  The carpal tunnel feeling I have on my left wrist has decreased quite a bit.  The tingling in my fingers is almost gone.  For musicians experiencing issues like carpal tunnel or similar in your wrists, I highly recommend WristGrips.  Visit their website and look at there testimonials.  If you order a pair of WristGrips, please use code allthatshreds10 for 10% off your order.

You can order here at https://wristgrips.myshopify.com/

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