Move Over World, Jasmine Cain Is Coming With “Seven”

By Andrew Catania

One thing that has started to become irritating with record labels is they put together these bands with a female lead singer with cookie cutter lyrics and boring music.  I call these groups the Hot Topic bands. I believe these Hot Topic bands set aspiring female artists because the record labels are trying to shove a new fad in our faces that is utterly boring.

While the record labels are boring us with Hot Topic bands, here comes Jasmine Cain.

If you’re part of the motorcycle festivals, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Jasmine.  Growing up in Sturgis, Jasmine isn’t the ordinary musician that you run into.  Talented, Smart, Strong, Confident are some of the terms I’d use to describe her.  You’ll see Jasmine crowd surfing at our shows, climbing stage platforms doing things most musicians wouldn’t.  What happens if a club won’t pay her for her appearance?  I’m pretty sure if they didn’t pay her someone would be layed out on the floor. With no label backing, she’s her publicist, promoter, books her own shows and does her own social media.  Jasmine hasn’t had anything handed to her.  She’s had to earn everything working hard.

Move Over World, Jasmine Cain Is Coming With "Seven"

With her newest album Seven, Jasmine has varied styles of songs on here.  From the mid-tempo first single released “Be Brave” to the album opener “Burnout.”  The story behind Be Brave was inspired by her longtime friend and co-writer, Paige Logan.  Seven is the best album Jasmine has put out so far.  Her vocals are sharp and crisp, the guitars and drums go fluidly, there isn’t a bad song on Seven.

I hope the record labels pay attention to Jasmine Cain.  As the title to this review says, Move over world, Jasmine Cain is coming with Seven. 10/10 Rating.

For more information on Jasmine Cain, please visit her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jasminecainrocks/

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