Will That Metal Show Ever Return To Television?

By Andrew Catania

It has been a couple of years since That Metal Show was taken off the air from VH1 Classic as they changed their format.  Eddie Trunk has been trying to find a new home for the show.

Eddie Trunk said in a statement:

“With the blessing of VH1 Classic, we have got the keys to the show and are currently searching for a new home,” he said. “We are not sure where we will land, but we hope to be back in our studio and your living rooms as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep an eye out for us on the road and say, ‘Hello.’ Thank you for watching all these years, and we will keep you posted as soon as we have news to share.”

It has been almost a year and a half since the cancellation. Trunk has said nobody has made an appropriate offer.  Despite what people say, there’s a market for hard rock and heavy metal music.  We had 60 minutes weekly on VH1 Classic to see our favorite bands and artist showcased.  What could be done to return this show to the airwaves? Different cast members? Changing the format? Some people complained the three cast members of That Metal Show talked too much about themselves and not letting the guests speak and talk about their new album, band, etc.

What do you think could change to get That Metal Show back on the air?  Share your comments below!

19 thoughts on “Will That Metal Show Ever Return To Television?

  1. I agree that the hosts talked a lot about themselves & kind of came across as arrogant. Even the “stump trunk” question seg was merely a chance for the host to flash his metal geek skills, more than anything else. It’s about the music & the artists. Make the show more about them, their instrument, their path, their battles, their failures and successes. Behind the Music was a better show

    1. I thought all three of them were terrible hosts. Plugging their own stuff instead of the guest artists. I think with new hosts, it could get a new home. Not the self absorbed hosts it had.

  2. I loved the show and never missed episode, it was very entertaining and insightful, but the last couple of seasons the show began to get stale, bringing on the same guests over & over again , and the “top 5” list was getting old, especially with
    the hosts bickering back & forth, so would love to have it back
    just got to change a few things.

  3. Keep the hosts… Wouldn’t be the same show…. Maybe tweak things a little… But Eddie n The Boys… Change them and forget it….. They were fair and represented all the metal /rock music showing their knowledge and fandom…. EDDIE PLEASE PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!! Christie Gustafson, wi

  4. the show was a release and a chance to see the surviving rock heroes from the 80`s and sometimes the 70`s.yes you cant live in the past but there`s nothing wrong with taking a quick vacation back in time and that 30 minutes provided that.so what if the hosts sometimes plugged their own interest at times.the concept of the show was never lost in each and every episode as far as i am concerned.even when the show outgrows one generation,there is always the next generation ready to see and hear the rock heroes of their own generation.bring it back.long live rock!!!!!!

  5. Only minor tweeks please. Loved the chemistry between the three. Had so much fun and learned alot. Since the show only did a small number of shows each season, it has to be obvious these guys must be doing other things and I didn’t mind hearing about that. My husband and I went and saw Eddie twice live and that was a ton of fun! Love Eddie and his stories! So I continue to keep my fingers crossed that we can see the show again.

  6. I thought it was a great show and Eddie and the boys always amazed me with their knowledge. Some minor tweaks might be in order for a rebirth of the show. For people interested in the history of hard rock and metal it was a very educational vehicle. I miss it!!!

  7. All good things disappear.Remember the Headbangers Ball???I have a feeling if it ever comes back, It will just not be the same….All things die….Its too bad the show was cancelled….Maybe one day…..

  8. I miss the show. Was it perfect? Of course not. . But I learned so much about the genre by watching. What would have made it better is a bigger budget so maybe they could even play some of the songs they were talking about.

  9. I’m a huge metal and rock fan but I think they should change the name. It’s too genre specific. Need to have a name that appeals to all Rock & Roll fans. There’s no TV show left that truly represents the great hard rock and metal bands from the past and present. Please bring the show back. And it just wouldn’t be the show without Eddie trunk!!

  10. Yes, too much “comedy” from Eddie Trunk’s co-hosts, but harder edged rock is a world-wide phenomenon that cries out to be showcased in the way that Eddie knows how.

  11. I feel the metal show was awesome TV show with all the news about new acts and awesome guest on the program. I have learned so much about bands, nobody wants to talk about the metal show gave us so much. like I did not know now how a metal band Metallica treated a band member who play the bass for them. how they treated him with a great deal of hazing and no respect. I would sue them. I lost a lot of respect towards that band I don’t care how big they are. Karma comes back to them

  12. Loved the show. Loved the hosts. Loved the format… or lack-there-of. Loved the humor. Loved the respect for generations of rock & metal. Wouldn’t change One Damn Thing! Bring it back as-is or more as-was!!!

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