August 8, 2022
Wicked Garden Is Rocking With "Post Dystopian Leisure Music"

By Allyson Kingsley

Sometimes among all the serious things in life, you just need to kick back and have a good time. From a land where sin knows no name (Las Vegas), we have the hard rockers Wicked Garden. What started as a couple of guys jamming out and doing covers has proliferated into a band that has developed their own kickass originals. Their debut album title Post Dystopian Leisure Music was actually based on a joke when they were asked to describe their music in a British undertone. All joking aside, Wicked Garden nails it with a gritty dirty feeling and an onslaught of tumultuous musicianship that lends itself to a carefree wild vibe.

Wicked Garden Is Rocking With "Post Dystopian Leisure Music"

     “Already Gone” is a powerhouse of riffs and rocks with a hint of southern flavor. I’m hearing a hint of Black Sabbath on the rhythm of “No Fear”, my choice pick. Again, a dirty gravelly undertone is meshed in here. “Stained” has a heavy Nirvana kind of influence which is not entirely unpleasant. Throughout the album, you get little hints of various influences that lead to a pleasant journey. A great album to kick back and enjoy a summer night with.


Dominick Muzio – Lead Vocals, Guitars

Shawn Trojahn – Lead Guitars

Troy Spriggs – Bass, Vocals

Jason Dardano – Drums, Percussion




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