Wicked Garden Is Rocking With “Post Dystopian Leisure Music”

By Allyson Kingsley

Sometimes among all the serious things in life, you just need to kick back and have a good time. From a land where sin knows no name (Las Vegas), we have the hard rockers Wicked Garden. What started as a couple of guys jamming out and doing covers has proliferated into a band that has developed their own kickass originals. Their debut album title Post Dystopian Leisure Music was actually based on a joke when they were asked to describe their music in a British undertone. All joking aside, Wicked Garden nails it with a gritty dirty feeling and an onslaught of tumultuous musicianship that lends itself to a carefree wild vibe.

Wicked Garden Is Rocking With "Post Dystopian Leisure Music"

     “Already Gone” is a powerhouse of riffs and rocks with a hint of southern flavor. I’m hearing a hint of Black Sabbath on the rhythm of “No Fear”, my choice pick. Again, a dirty gravelly undertone is meshed in here. “Stained” has a heavy Nirvana kind of influence which is not entirely unpleasant. Throughout the album, you get little hints of various influences that lead to a pleasant journey. A great album to kick back and enjoy a summer night with.


Dominick Muzio – Lead Vocals, Guitars

Shawn Trojahn – Lead Guitars

Troy Spriggs – Bass, Vocals

Jason Dardano – Drums, Percussion




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