Why Is Frontiers Music Sidelining One Of The Most In-Demand Vocalists In Rock, Dino Jelusick?

By John Sullivan

In our latest interview with Guitarist George Lynch that will be posted soon, we asked him if they’ll be any future Dirty Shirley albums with vocalist Dino Jelusick.  Lynch told us he didn’t think so as Jelusick and the label Frontiers Records are in a nasty court battle over a long list of things.

It’s public news that some of the established 80’s acts have left Frontiers publicly saying that the label doesn’t promote their music as they should.  They act more like a distributor than a label.  Primal Fear, Jack Russell’s Great White, to name a couple that comes to mind.

We checked with our sources regarding Jelusick and Frontiers locking horns and it’s true that both parties are in a lengthy court battle over unspecified issues.

This would make sense as Jelusick finished recording a new Animal Drive album that he was posting about how excited he was for people to hear the sophomore release from the band. Frontiers sacked the album and Jelusick hasn’t released any new music except collaborations covering famous songs on social media.

Why would Frontiers sideline one of the most in-demand vocalists in hard rock and heavy metal?

We’ve reached out to Frontiers and Jelusick for comment and we’ll let you know when they respond.

4 thoughts on “Why Is Frontiers Music Sidelining One Of The Most In-Demand Vocalists In Rock, Dino Jelusick?

  1. Thank you so much @allthatshredsmagazine to make everybody know what is happening to Dino Jelusick. We, fans of Animal Drive, followed the band’s new album recordings and are so frustrated that it has not been released yet. And when we ask anything about it on Frontiers Facebook Group they always answer in a rude way. They avoid giving us any information about it. Frontiers has the album in their hands for over a year and does not release it in a total disrespect with the artist and fans. Timo Tolkki said in an interview that Frontiers is like a mafia. And I believe so, after all the troubles Dino is living because of them. One of the most talented rock singers of our time is not able to work with the most famous metal musicians because of Frontiers.

  2. They’ve seen it coming and restricted posts on the page. But that just shows how much they care about our opinion, how much they appreciate us as their costumers cause they sell the albums. They feel very much attacked if someone asks about AD2.
    And we never get any answers, just a rude attitude and now restrictions.

  3. If Frontiers wants to keep on working with Dino, just release the album and support his carrer.

    If they doesn’t want to work with him anymore, so let the album be released by another label and allow Dino to work with the musicians he wants to.

    But stop cutting his wings and let him fly to wherever place he wants to be as a talented artist he is!

  4. Congratulations Frontiers! I will not buy another album from your company until you release Dino Jelusic. I buy many albums a month and many were yours, but now that I know that you are what is keeping me from hearing the voice that I love, I am done with you!

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