Why Doesn’t Sirius/XM Radio Play Metal Bands New Releases?

If you’re a subscriber to Sirius/XM Satellite Radio and a fan of heavy metal, there are a few channels you can listen too.  Ozzy’s Boneyard, Hair Nation, and Liquid Metal.  On any given day, you’ll hear the same songs from the same groups on 24/7 rotation.  Hair Nation will play the same songs over and over.  One has to wonder, why are they only playing bands older songs when they have new releases they never play?  Liquid Metal does spotlight new music once and a while.  Ozzy’s Boneyard on occasion does too.  I’ve never heard Hair Nation play any newer music from the bands they play.  If I was a band member whos older songs were being played on one of these channels, I’d ask, why aren’t you playing my bands newer stuff?  As metal fans, we don’t have many outlets that will play this genre of music without streaming or playing it on our own.  As a subscription-based service, I’d start asking Sirius/XM to start playing metal bands newer music or start losing subscribers.  What do you think?

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