Why Are So Many Artists Leaving Dean Guitars?

Michael Angelo Batio, Rusty Cooley, Vinnie Moore, Andy LaRoque, Uli Jon Roth, Tracii Guns, and now Dave Mustaine is the latest high-profile artist to leave Dean Guitars. The Tampa, Florida-based outfit has been changing ever since Evan Rubinson has taken over after Elliott Rubinson passed away in 2017.

Rusty Cooley’s infamous ‘RC7’ was one of the brand’s most popular guitars for their USA custom shop. So why would you get rid of the guy behind the guitar?  Then, news came out about convicted sex offender, and former Aramidillo COO Wayne Odell was arrested on 44 counts of child pornography.  News like that would’ve made big news in the music industry.  Instead, it was mysteriously kept on the down and low and a big powerful law firm got Odell out of a life sentence and only received 2 years in Florida state prison.  Don’t try and google Wayne Odell.  There’s not ONE news article about his arrest or sentence.  They were completely scrubbed from search engines.

In the first several months of Evan taken over the company, many insiders were discussing Rubinson’s management style and how he managed to piss most everyone off he encountered.  In our interview with one former Dean Guitar/Armadillo Enterprises executive, pretty much sums up how the younger Rubinson has been managing his late father’s business since he took over.  Definitely worth the read!

Dean Guitars’ most high-profile artist is deceased.  When Kerry King was announced, there was already discussion that Mustaine had already left Dean.

With a roster that doesn’t have many relevant big-name artists, how long before Dean Guitars tanks at the hands of Evan Rubinson?

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