Warlock Is Back! Doro Discusses Tour, Ronnie James Dio And Future Warlock and Doro Albums

By Andrew Catania

I had the pleasure of speaking with Doro from WarlockWarlock just did a handful of shows here in the States in support of Triumph and Agony.

How’s the tour going?

DP: Pretty good.  We did our last festival here in Europe in August. We’re playing in the states now.  We’re all excited for this tour and playing the Triumph and Agony. We played here all over from Sweden, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, and here in the states.  I’ve been working on new songs, and it’s all fascinating.

Are you excited to be with Tommy Bolan for this tour?

Photo courtesy of Joe Schaffer Photography

DP: Yes. We’re so excited to get to play together again. We’ve always stayed friends. We played a couple shows here in Europe the Sweden Rock Festival which is a great festival and Norway Rock in Norway it wasn’t great was great. It was raining fast and it was a lot of mud, and it was it was fantastic. Tommy’s a great player great guy and yeah we still have the same great chemistry as we had in the 80s.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Schaffer Photography

You’re playing only a handful of shows.  Could that change?

DP: I wanted to play for New York where everything started for me. We’re looking at adding more dates so we can get to many more cities.

I know you had some legal issues using the Warlock name.  Has that been settled?

DP: The reason why it was called Doro was that we had trouble with the name which was unbelievable. But yeah that’s the reason. Now, I can use the name again.  Many, many lawsuits involved.

What did you learn from Ronnie James Dio when you were out on tour with him?

A bunch of things.  I watched every concert, and I could see the passion the intensity for the fans of the music and just let you know how he was singing how he was like working for the crowd. It was so genuine and so loving and it was so wonderful, and I just like by watching him do his thing. It was awesome, and it was a big honor even to get the chance to tour together.  That was back in 87 and I couldn’t speak much English.  So we would just say great show and things like that.

Doro im Hallenbad Wolfsburg am 02.May 2015. Foto: R¸diger Knuth

But then in 2000, we had a  long conversation, and we became close friends.  I learned so much from him in ways I couldn’t even describe, but it was also soulful and so genuine. It’s like you know him and then and he loved the fans. He always liked talking to the fans even when he had a bad cold. He was standing outside in the pouring rain. It was freezing it was winter time, and he was talking, writing autographs were doing pictures with everybody and. That’s the way to do it. Every fan was important to Ronnie. I learned so much from Ronnie.  Same thing with Lemmy.

After this tours done, will you be going back to German to record a new album under the Doro or Warlock name?

DP: We have one in the making it’s under the dome name, and it will be out next year, and it’s almost done it’s 80 percent done.  It will come out probably next year when Wacken takes place. But I think the absence will make it fresh for us.

We’re also thinking about a Triumph and Agony live CD. I already have some new songs with Tommy Bolen in the making.   Tommy is a powerhouse of a guitar player.  A lot of stuff coming out next year!

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