August 18, 2022
Vocalist Rob Rock Discusses New Impellitteri Album & His Faith

Photo taken at Mates in North Hollywood on 08/04/14.

By Andrew Catania

One of the biggest mysteries of modern-day perhaps Scooby-Doo and Mystery, Inc could solve is why Rob Rock and Chris Impellitteri aren’t covered more by the American music magazines.  Gifted and blessed with a voice that spans a career of 30 years, Impellitteri singer Rob Rock hasn’t lost a step.  From the days of playing small, smoky Connecticut clubs with Chris Impellitteri, to playing festivals of 90K people in Korea,  Rob hasn’t forgotten his Christian faith.  When some singers gloat about partying and women, you can find Rob Rock sitting somewhere reading the Bible. With perhaps his best showing of his vocal abilities of his career on The Nature Of The Beast, we caught up with Rob to discuss the new album.

What did you do differently on Nature of the Beast that you didn’t due on previous albums?

RR: I think this album we had a different attitude.  We all looked at each other and said, you know what, we know what the hell we’re doing.  Let’s do it.  Instead of trying to micromanage everything, you know, a lot of times the pressure starts building up, and you start second guessing everything.  This time there was none of that.

Vocalist Rob Rock Discusses New Impellitteri Album & His Faith

A lot of people say Impellitteri is a Christian band.  My last interview, Chris said Impellitteri isn’t.  You write the lyrics, do you feel Impellitteri is a Christian based band?

RR: When you say Christian band, the Christian community claims you as there own and wants you to go out and preach the word of God, have altar calls from the stage and play in the local church. We don’t do any of that.  I write songs from my personal experience, from my world point, which is Christian. I loved reading the Bible.  So I try to inject that into the song.  I think we’re a Christian friendly band; we’re not a rock band that’s going to piss off Christians.  Are lyrics are never about swearing, women, partying our brains out, etc.  We’re talking about things on a world stage, and things that have to do with faith.

As a Christian, you can take that. You could apply that to your Christian life, and then becomes a spiritual battle in the world where you’re living,

Vocalist Rob Rock Discusses New Impellitteri Album & His Faith
Rob Rock Photo by Lisa Rock

When the Black EP came out, you left Impellitteri to pursue something Christian related?

RR: I wanted to do something Christian at that time.  That was in the back of my head and the back of my heart.  Then I heard the Joshua Demos, and I thought, every song on here’s a hit, you know? And at the time I was really, I was still frustrated by the M.A.R.S.  project falling apart.  I scribbled my name and number on a Napkin and mailed it to the Joshua ad that I saw because they wanted to do a ten song album.  I’ll send in my name and number out of napkins, and that’s what I did.

Chris was shopping for a record deal that he didn’t have any bites yet. So I went and joined Joshua. He turned around and got a deal, and they said, what happened to your singer? They go out and put this superstar band together for him.

Do you have plans to do another solo record?

RR:  Everyone keeps asking me for it, and I want to do it,  it’s been almost ten years.  I’ve been writing songs, and hopefully, I’ll be able to do it in the next year or two

Impellitteri has never toured North America.  Chris has said he’d like at least play theaters to bring a good production for the fans and won’t consider small clubs.  Do you agree?

RR:  I think I’m on the same page with Chris on this.  He’s the head guy, so if he doesn’t want to play small clubs, we won’t.  It’s not like playing clubs back in the day.  It’s grueling.  I did a tour with Gus G  driving in a van going city to city playing for 100-200 people.  I’d like us to get involved in some of the festivals here in the states.   We play to crowds of 20-90K people overseas, so hopefully, we can put together a US tour that works out for everyone.

The Nature of the Beast comes out on October 12, 2018.  For more info on Rob, please visit his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Rob-Rock-The-Voice-of-Melodic-Metal-188237273606/

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