June 2, 2023
Vito Bratta - White Lion's Ultimate Roaring Sensation

By Andrew Catania

He emerged on the music sphere, he aced his forte, he redefined the heavy metal genre with his own identity, rocked the music scene of the 1980s and while the music world was still anticipating a lot coming from his camp, left the music world at a time when his work was ruling the music charts. Vito Bratta, the man whose fiery tones fueled the roar of ‘White Lion’ and whose bold style and playing technique had a daring flair about it, silently crept his way out of the music sphere after his prime association disbanded in 1992.

Vito was born on July 1st, 1961 in New York and possessed a natural affinity for music, particularly towards the rock and metal genre. Having plunged into the musical sphere in his teens, the initial years of his career were marred by underground performances, jamming sessions and a temporary association with ‘The Dreamer.’ This was the incubation phase that prepared him for the groundbreaking feat destiny was pushing his way.


Having strengthened his primary skill set and with a firm hand over his forte, Vito Bratta eventually co-founded White Lion with Mike Tramp, an American/Danish metal rock band that rocked the music scene from 1983 until the initial years of the 1990s through their gold and platinum selling records. While Mike Tramp contributed his vocals, Vito composed the lyrics and also played the chords. Vito was primarily influenced by the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, and Neal Schon.

His initial feats do carry a frequent tinge and essence of his influences. He evolved and mastered his signature style that is unarguably characterized as swift, smooth, vivacious as well as technically dense and detailed. The upbeat music, as well as his lively personality, made him one of the most eminent faces of the heavy metal domain of the 1980s.

Vito’s association with his brainchild spans over nine years. Although White Lion did make a revival in the closing years of the 20th century, Vito refused to be a part of it. During his association, Vito made his vital contributions in the form of major feats including the debut album ‘Fight to Survive,’ ‘Pride,’ ‘Big Game’ and the final release, titled ‘Mane Attraction,’ after which the band was disbanded with mutual consent.

Vito Bratta is a name that is still remembered and echoes through the corridors of hard rock and glam metal. His playing style is heavily doused with intricate nuances and rhythmic ascents and descents,  punctuated with plenty of riffs and shreds in between. Often compared to the likes of Eddie Van Halen for his virtuosic playing expertise, it would not be an exaggeration if we say that Vito Bratta’s style and technique was the core ingredient of White Lion’s signature music recipe.

Vito Bratta’s style was a unique fusion of double-handed taps, smooth sweeps, and dense riffing that hovers through the entire melody and leaves the audience spellbound by its audacity. Although he has completely shunned himself from the glitz and glam of the music world since the early 1990s, his technique is still recognized as fresh and unique. He is always praised as a master player who still has a lot in him to strike awe and inspire his loyal fandom.

8 thoughts on “Vito Bratta – White Lion’s Ultimate Roaring Sensation

  1. Vito had the ability to transport you into a musical and emotional dimension, in a way that not many guitarists could do.
    His solos made you feel the emotion that the song was meant to convey.
    Deserves every bit of credit he gets.

  2. Vitto had the most melodic and tasteful solos I’ve ever heard. Just jaw dropping beautiful, and technically tight as hell. What a genius.

    Such an understanding of peicing together melodies and notes that melt as fluid together gorgeously…what an artist. Surprisingly, alot of geniuses sometime shy away from the spotlight…he deserves this recognition.

    The solo of “wait” is pure genius… The lady of the valley is phenomenal. Little fighter is awesome too. But I’ve never heard a more beautiful song than “When the children cry.”

    His solos just sing incredibly by themselves but fit in so effortlessly snug into each song. A rare Artist indeed. The real kind…

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