After 20 Years In Hiding, Vinnie Vincent Makes An Appearance At The Kiss Expo

Vinnie Vincent: “He Reduced My Music To The Level Worse Than A Local Bar Band”

Vinnie Vincent made his first public appearance in nearly 20 years at the KISS expo last weekend.  Vinnie discussed the rumors of him being fired from his band and his not so kind remarks about Mark Slaughter without naming him.

According to Vinnie, one “bullshit story” out of “hundreds of lies that [are] out there” is the myth that he got kicked out of his own band. “What really happened was I tried to keep Rob in the band, because I said, ‘There is no fucking way — no way, no way — this other guy, who can’t sing, who’s reduced my music to the level of worse than a local bar band is gonna be in my creation. There’s no way,'” he said. “And [VINNIE VINCENT INVASION‘s record label] Chrysalis had changed management and they were changed to quickly cash in on the young kid that appeals to the teenyboppers. I said, ‘You do something else like that, but don’t put him here. ‘Cause that will never happen. So you need to get Rob in and keep this…’

“That’s what they fell in love with, the record company fell in love with that, so for them to destroy my creation was disgusting,” Vincent continued. “And they had new people in, and they said, ‘That’s okay. We just want a quick cash-in on something.’ And I said, ‘Either you keep my creation with Rob or I quit. I don’t wanna be on this label.’ [And they told me] ‘You can’t quit. We will can the record. We will not do this. We will not do that.’ And they said, ‘You owe us two records right now.’ So they said, ‘You have to finish this tour. You can’t stop anything, because the machine is moving, and this is a big record.’ So I had management that was not looking out for Vinnie, he was looking out for himself, and everything changed. So once I began to tour, I said, ‘How quick can I get out of this? This has to end now.’ And they said, ‘You cannot end it now. You have to go through one more record, you have to do the tours, and then we have another option that we, the record company, will pick up, for record number three.'”

Vinnie says that by the time All Systems Go was released, it was clear that the magic that made the band’s debut LP special was gone. “The first record, all the rock magazines at that time were saying, ‘Oh, this is the best fucking record that has come out in so long. Oh my God! This thing is hot, hot, hot!’ Because it was different from the records that were out,” he said. “At that time, there was nothing like it. They were all either JUDAS PRIEST type of records or they were POISON type of records, but there was nothing like VINNIE VINCENT INVASION. So the radio stations jumped on it, ’cause they said, ‘What the hell is this?’ And everybody loved that record. It sold big and it sold fast. Once this no-talent individual came into the picture, everything went ‘Boom!’ It was just like dropping a lead weight. And I saw that happen and I thought, ‘This is a sin.’ Everything that could have been was instantly over. So we recorded the Boyz Are Gonna Rock video with a faker; it was like fake news — trying to make you believe something that… this is not what this is. So one thing led to another, to another, got worse and worse. I did the second record, and I had all these great songs that I said should sound like the first record, only this is the second record. It follows the same everything — the same sound, the same passion, the same intensity, the same power, and it was not there.”

Saying, Mark Slaughter has no talent is preposterous. Mark has spoken positively of Vinnie in recent interviews.  One should listen to the song “Burning Bridges” off Slaughter’s Stick It To Ya record to get a glimpse of how Mark felt without actually naming Vinnie.

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