August 9, 2022
Vince Neil Walks Offstage Telling The Audience "His Voice Is Shot"

Well, Motley Crue fans, the pandemic might’ve saved you from listening to Vince Neil trying to sing classic Crue songs on their rescheduled stadium tour.

Vince and his solo band were at the Boone River Festival Seven Oaks in Boone, IA on May 29, 2021.  As you can see from the fan-filmed clip below, Vince admits to the audience that his voice is shot and can’t sing.

This would be the final product of what was supposed to be meeting with a nutritionist, working out, and meeting with a vocal coach that he told people late last year he was doing.

It is absolutely disgraceful that he continues on in this manner tainting this band’s legacy and people paid $500-1000 plus a seat to see this in a stadium setting.

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