The Unbelievable Talent Of Panos Arvanitis

The Unbelievable Talent Of Panos Arvanitis

By Andrew Catania

If you don’t know who Panos Arvanitis is, you will very soon!

It is just fair to say that Greece is a home of talented artists, musicians, and guitarists? In Greece, music has become an intrinsic part of life. Many different individuals living in the country love creating music and enjoy listening to music in a variety of ways and under different circumstances. Individuals define music differently, but as a whole, music can unite nations, people, cultures, and traditions. History of music expands over time, and this has enriched and paved the way for the entrance of great musicians.


Panos A. Arvanitis is a professional musician and guitarist in Greece. With the aim of sharing his skills and talents, he also teaches and works as an expert guitar instructor. Casus Beli is a progressive band formed in 1997 including Panos A. Arvanitis, and together with the band members, the group released records and albums with the help of their record company.

The Unbelievable Talent Of Panos Arvanitis

It was in 1998 when Panos A. Arvanitis met Dedes Fresh from England that time. It was at that point when they started writing the first songs of Casus Beli. In that same year, they released their very first demo entitled “Promo On” which features P. PEAVY WAGNER (RAGE) in a couple of unique songs garnering 9/10 on Metal Hammer Magazine. In 2001, they successfully released their debut album called “Mirror Out of Time” exclusively through Sound & Vision Record and Distribution Company.

After various gigs and performances, Panos A. Arvanitis has gained the attention and interest of the masses. With his excellent talents in playing the guitar and creating music, record companies have all the right reason to sign him to a record deal or contract. Investing on a talented musician like Panos A. Arvanitis is surely a brilliant idea. Panos A. Arvanitis can promise lots of music and surely has something great to offer to all listeners and music lovers out there.


Yngwie Malmsteen- Another Great Guitarist and Songwriter in Sweden

If Greece has Panos A. Arvanitis, whom they consider one of their points of pride, Sweden also has Yngwie Malmsteen. Just like Panos A. Arvanitis, the expert in Guitar Yngwie Malmsteen is also famous for his music and talents. Yngwie Malmsteen is a well-known Swedish guitarist, bandleader, and songwriter. He first became famous in the 1980s and had earned positive high marks for his unique neoclassical heavy metal playing style. His talent and passion for music and guitar, Yngwie Malmsteen is expected to display this since he came from a musically inclined family.

Over the years, he amazingly plays the guitar in series of performances and has proven his talent to the masses. Talented bandleader, songwriter, and expert in Guitar Yngwie Malmsteen had successfully released various albums which gained positive feedbacks from individuals who bought them.

The Unbelievable Talent Of Panos Arvanitis

Panos A. Arvanitis and Yngwie Malmsteen are amazing music icons. Both are able and famous guitarists admired by people. Though coming from different countries, both are willing to share their good music to the world.

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  1. Panos Arvanitis is an awesome Musician, his style is like enchanted castle music. melodic arpeggios that will have your soul shine for days. =) love you brother

  2. many shredders round the Globe, few of them really great, Panos the cleanest…note by note and a vibrato to die for…this guy should open for Yngwie Malmsteen himslef…managers where r u ?

  3. Awesome guys and of course guitarists, how did they get that good ? watching and hearing them play is mesmerising and gives you a natural high and very inspirational.


    Guitarist in Australia

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