TTM’s Lance Benedict’s Desperate Act To Divert Attention From It’s Questionable Business Practices

In our previous articles on Lance Benedict and TTM Guitars, we have reported in great detail about how Benedict has been delaying shipping or not at all giving refunds to his customers for guitars they’ve ordered with excuses like he’s been bought out, a new board of directors has to approve refunds, you have to remove negative comments about TTM before any refund, “The Board is considering all its legal options,”  not paying employees, offering and selling illegal franchises, filing bankruptcy to avoid paying consumers, scamming people on eBay with guitars or automobiles, and the list goes on.  We now have been given proof of how his franchise is going to work and Mr. Benedict has finally spoken about our investigation into him and his company.

Mr. Benedict has posted a lengthy message on his Facebook regarding our articles and me.  He has tried to lead people to believe that he and his family are the victims of harassment in this preposterous post full of outright lies and dishonesty to get his followers angry and turn the attention away from him.  Some of his messages are as follows:

For the past several months, Mr. Catania has led a concerted effort, to denigrate my name and my brand, TTM. He has done everything humanly possible to disparage, defame, ruin and destroy everything I have worked so hard for.

At first, we thought it was just another TTM hater from the past, that had some sort of grudge against me. But then, the posts and derogatory information he was propagating to anyone that would listen, increased exponentially.

It was extremely hard to wrap my head around because I had never met this person, nor heard of him before any of this started.

Mr. Catania began posting blatant lies about me, and used a social media photo of myself,— without consent,— and crudely photoshopped bars on it.

He posted this superimposed photo all over the internet, leading people to believe that I was incarcerated and a convicted felon. He then started sending these images to my personal email and cell phone.

But that wasn’t enough. He proceeded to send the image to my wife, my son, my daughter-in-law, and several associates of mine.

But that too was not enough. He then began sending sexually explicit images to my wife, and daughter-in-law, at all hours of the day and in the middle of the night. But yet again, that was not enough for Mr. Catania.

Benedict is getting desperate and so much as claiming I’m sending images or texts to him and his immediate family. Like he’s said, we’ve never spoken before even though I asked for him to comment on this story nor have I ever sent any garbage like he’s claiming to him or his family.  Claiming he has his “investigators” have proof, he hasn’t because there isn’t any.

He began making false police reports about me and encouraging others to file complaints about me with the California Attorney General.

But he still wasn’t satisfied. He contacted many of my artists, dealers, customers and even went as far as contacting NAMM and telling them that I was a criminal and that we should not be allowed to exhibit at NAMM.

Now, let’s look at the facts, we are investigative journalism and do our best to report accurately according to complaints we have received from TTM Customers around the world.  This is how Mr. Benedict put himself in this position by his own actions:

The first complaint to the California Attorney General I believe was Gert Nijboer who waited over a year for his guitar and asked for a refund.  We’ve reported about this in a previous article.  Mr. Benedict replied to the AG’s letter as if he offered Mr. Nijboer a choice of a guitar or refund which he did neither:

TTM's Lance Benedict's Desperate Act To Divert Attention From It's Questionable Business Practices

If it wasn’t for Gert contacting the AG’s office he most like would’ve never seen a red cent from Benedict.  Let’s not forget the guy who had Cancer that Benedict and his son Broc called every nasty word in the dictionary.

More of Benedict’s ramblings:

Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I come from a decent family with a background in law. I too, have many friends that are either in law enforcement now or have since retired. In fact, my father was a Police Chief in Florida, my Grandfather worked at The Law Offices of Ball, Hunt Brown and Baerwitz, in Los Angeles for 23 years, and was in fact Governor Brown’s personal assistant during his tenure. I personally did not go on the police department, but did attend Florida State Fire College and graduated in 1982.

So in one way or another, that’s 3 generations of Benedict’s doing the right thing and helping others through civil service.

Unlike Mr. Catania, and his cohorts, I hold several professional licenses in the state of California, all of which preclude the holder of having a criminal record.

It would appear by Mr. Catania’s actions, that he is above the law, and what he says and does is righteously almighty. This was very perplexing to all of us. Who is this person? Why can’t we find any information or photos of this guy anywhere? My attorney was even baffled when Mr. Catania was served with the Cease and Desist Letter, and there was no response or communication from him whatsoever.

Let me understand this.  He’s using his families status to deflect his criminal behavior? Perhaps a closer look into those relationships is also in order.  Although Mr. Benedict hasn’t been criminally charged (yet), we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he’s deceived, manipulated and scammed these people out of their money.  Why they never went to the Police is a number of factors.  One of them being is Benedict prays on international customers who don’t understand the American Criminal Justice system or how to make a complaint thinking they have no recourse after the statute of limitations is up with their credit card company.  I did reply to his Attorney’s laughable Cease And Desist with a three-syllable response, “Kiss My Ass.”

Mr. Benedict is certainly from Florida.  We’ll get into his shenanigans with his Florida businesses such as Benedict Entertainment and his Tax Evasion in the next article.

We finally have insight into how Mr. Benedict is offering franchises which are illegal:

As stated in our previous article, you have to be registered with the State of California Department of Business Oversight to offer any kind of franchise.  We again check with them today and Mr. Benedict or TTM Guitars LLC is not registered with them.

The problem I see with the arrangement is that when people pay through the website(s)… ordering their guitars from the franchise… and if there are production anomalies (delays)… then the purchasers are going to go complain to someone. If they go after TTM I’d guess they’d be instructed to communicate with the franchise owner. If the franchise owner tells them to contact TTM… well… the franchise terms and conditions might include a passage that the franchise owner is charged with receiving those complaints (charged meaning TTM isn’t going to be processing complaints. ‘Contact your franchise owner’).
Imagine 100 people complaining about delays.  If the franchise person is on the receiving end of those complaints… they call TTM.  TTM receives the one call from the franchise owner.  That sounds better than TTM receiving 100 calls. Maybe, and I’m guessing… the franchise arrangement is by design… Hmmmmm.

Mr. Benedict is a very desperate grasping at straws to deflect and project attention off of himself and make me look bad to his followers think I’m crazy for looking into his illegal behavior and wanting to “kick my ass” etc etc.  To his blind and faithful followers, I ask you to wait until all of the chips are out of the bag.  This is way bigger than I ever imagined.  In the coming articles, we’ll detail Benedict’s deceit with Tax Evasion, Worker Compensation Fraud, Labor Law Violations, Illegal Franchises and many other topics that will blow your mind!

Levi Clay and I have spent a lot of time on Mr. Benedict with his fraudulent dealings.  All of his customers and employees have come to ME, not me going to them.

Finally, Mr. Benedict, if you’re feeling froggy with your threats of bringing me to a court or my fictitious Parole Officer which I’ve never had or accusations of harassing your family, BRING IT!  I’m fully ready and able to defend and prove in a court of law what kind of a despicable human being you are!

If you’ve been a victim of Mr. Benedict either as a customer or an employee, please contact us and also one of the following agencies:

State of California Department of Labor File A Wage Complaint

The United States Postal Inspection Service Complaint About Cyber Crime And Mail Fraud

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center

State of California Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Complaint

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