More Victims Come Forward As TTM Guitars Coverage Continues

TTM Guitars Franchisees Are Learning They’ve Been Scammed By Lance Benedict

Conman extraordinaire Lance Benedict’s walls are closing in on him by the day.  His scam that he calls TTM Guitars is finally unraveling within his inner circle.  His “franchisees” are finally realizing that the money they’ve given Benedict they’ll never see a penny of their money or any return on their investment.  The Hussey brothers, who’ve been some of Benedicts staunchest supporters and have even threatened yours truly with bodily harm seems to have changed their tune:

TTM Guitars Franchisees Are Learning They've Been Scammed By Lance Benedict

I’ve never met nor spoken to Chris Hussey, and I don’t like the fact he’s been ripped off by the smoothest conman I’ve seen in my life.  When I posted official court documents, I was told I forged or made them.  Any of the court documents I’ve posted regarding Mr. Benedict are available to the public.  The Hussey’s were the Washington State Franchisees that the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions has been investigating for illegal franchise violations.

TTM Guitars Franchisees Are Learning They've Been Scammed By Lance Benedict

Benedict’s money is dried up or is drying up as people are beginning to see he’s nothing more than a fraud. He’s trying to hold on to what’s left of his David Koresh like following into believing they’ll be getting their US-made custom guitars:

TTM Guitars Franchisees Are Learning They've Been Scammed By Lance Benedict

His original manufacturer is the one in China he initially has dealt with.  If you notice that Mr. Benedict didn’t mention that he’s banned from NAMM as an exhibitor or an attendee.  He just said he’s going to have a “little” party next year.

  1. State of California Department of Oversight, Taxation, and Labor are investigating Benedict and TTM Guitars for tax, workman’s comp, payroll, and franchise fraud.  California Attorney General’s Office is investigating consumer complaints about not getting their guitars. 
  2. The Federal Trade Commission and the US Postal Inspection Service have active investigations against Benedict and TTM Guitars Guitars for wire and mail fraud.
  3. Benedict’s former business partner Chris McKenna is suing him for over 100K in damages for fraud and deception in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
  4. NAMM told Benedict he wasn’t welcomed as an Exhibitor or Attendee to any future shows.

Back in June, Benedicts Attorney of record Rhona S. Kauffman sent me a cease and desist letter saying I was “harassing” her client and spreading “misinformation” about him.  I reached out to Ms. Kauffman this morning and asked if she was representing Mr. Benedict and all of these investigations:

TTM Guitars Franchisees Are Learning They've Been Scammed By Lance Benedict

I replied to Ms. Kauffman if she remembers the cease and desist letter she sent me and I politely told her where she could shove that:

TTM Guitars Franchisees Are Learning They've Been Scammed By Lance Benedict

First, she couldn’t speak to me.  Then she said my language was inappropriate, and she no longer represents him.  She doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. It also sounds like Benedict didn’t pay her.

According to Steve Lamb, who represents Mr. McKenna in his lawsuit against Benedict, he told me last week that they’ve been trying to serve Mr. Benedict at his Indian Wells home but refuses to answer the door and hides.

Benedict also dissolved his TTM Guitars USA LLC in California to try and avoid any financial responsibility from future lawsuits.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing is surly on the horizon for Benedict and his criminal family enterprise.  With all of the looming lawsuits coming, if fraud is proven, he cannot discharge those debts in a Bankruptcy filing and will be responsible for them.  While Benedict’s victims won’t see any money from him, state and federal prison sentences are becoming more of reality by the day with new victims coming forward.

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  1. There was nothing involuntary about anyone’s involvement , those who lay claim to being victim of the huge scam. Some simply didn’t see the signs, ceding only to PT Barnum’s… er… Benedict’s slippery tongue. People want to believe in something good. Even dog shit sprinkled with glitter is still dog shit.

    Some good people were, and continue to be harmed, by Benedict’s crimes. I met many of the people who were scammed, and they were, and are, undeserving of the colossal deception. Many I met at the 2019 NAMM event, and they presented as people with big hearts, and a level of trust immeasurable. We live. We learn.

    “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

    “I’m gonna go grab me some popcorn.”
    — Jim Shelley

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