TTM Guitars Endorsement Deal Or Pay To Play?

In our ongoing investigation of TTM Guitars, we have acquired a “tier-2” endorsement deal that Lance Benedict sends out to any potential “endorsees”  Here’s a link to download the entire file:

Tier 2 Endorsement

While reading this document, several things in it we’ve proven to be untrue in our previous articles.  Let’s take a look.  Keep in mind this document was made in 2017 and the artists that signed up should be coming up on their two year anniversary where they’d receive their “Tier 1” status and free “USA” made TTM Guitar.:

TTM Guitars Endorsement Deal Or Pay To Play?

the above page, you can see that Mr. Benedict requires the potential endorsee to pay $250 deposit to get started on their endorsement.  It’s not uncommon to pay a deposit for a custom guitar however, we’ve never seen this practice of selling endorsements. It lends to the theory that TTM is more interested in the size of your wallet than your value as a musician and that his endorsement can purchased with a simple PayPal transaction.

Levi Clay proved the theory that you’re a customer, not an artist in his YouTube Video.

TTM Guitars Endorsement Deal Or Pay To Play?

Benedict expects your deposit rather quickly after you’ve confirmed you’re ready to be an “endorsed” artist.  In our previous articles, we’ve highlighted people waiting up to two years for their guitar to materialize.  When asking for a refund, people are met with threats of legal action, the board of directors must approve your refund but you have to take down your negative comments about the company in order to receive it.

TTM Guitars Endorsement Deal Or Pay To Play?

One thing we’ve also noticed is the ever-notable list of “endorsed” artists includes musicians who’ve never endorsed TTM Guitars.  Two notable names are Vince Neil of Motley Crue and Alex Lifeson of Rush.

TTM Guitars Endorsement Deal Or Pay To Play?

Benedict has a small disclaimer like the one above that should clear him of any wrongdoing.  He made Lifeson a 2010 anniversary guitar, to which Alex never asked for or has ever played on stage.  Lifeson has been a Gibson endorsee for years.

While TTM Guitars has a practice of selling endorsements as a sort of “Pay to Play”, everyone certainly pays however, as we have seen from some of the people we have interviewed, not everyone will get to play. There are cases where some still don’t have their pre-paid guitar after a year or two.

If you’ve been victimized by TTM Guitars as an employee or as a customer, we want to know!  Especially if you’ve been offered an illegal franchise. Please use the contact us form below to leave your contact information and a brief history.

If you’ve been employed by TTM Guitars and haven’t been paid, you have two options.  As we’ve learned by some ex-employees of TTM have been “hired” as 1099 contractors to possibly avoid paying taxes, workman’s comp insurance, you do have recourse.

The DIR has jurisdiction to rule on whether you’re a bonafide employee or considered a “1099” employee depending on your work role.

The State of California Employment Development Department is responsible for employment-related taxes.  You can file a tax evasion complaint by going to this link:

State of California Employment Development Department Fraud Reporting Form

State of California Franchise Tax Board Fraud Complaint form

State of California Department of Labor File A Wage Complaint

If you’re a customer and haven’t received your guitar or refund, please click on the links below to file complaints with the CA Attorney Generals Office, FBI, Riverside County, CA Sheriffs Office and The USPS Postal Inspection Service:

The United States Postal Inspection Service Complaint About Cyber Crime And Mail Fraud

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center

State of California Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Complaint

Riverside County Sheriffs Office 951-776-1099

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