Trouble Continues For TTM Guitars As Ship Dates Continue To Be “Postponed”

The trouble continues for Lance Benedict and TTM Guitars.  In our previous article, we looked into the claims that TTM Guitars has been charging customers for guitars they haven’t shipped out.

Not long after that was published, Mr. Benedict sent us a demand notice to take down our article.

About a week later, Mr. Benedict filed a Copyright Infringement Complaint with YouTube regarding the video that Levi Clay did an in-depth analysis showing you on how the TTM Guitars endorsement was nothing more than a sham.  His complaint was his TTM Guitars logo was being used.  YouTube notified me of his complaint and they told benedict his complaint had no merit as everything is being used under “Fair Use” as seen in the photos below:

I guess his NRG Electric Cars has something to do with TTM Guitars?

Since our posted articles on TTM guitars, All That Shreds has heard from many people who haven’t received a refund or the guitar they were promised in months and in a couple of cases years.  One such individual is Gert Nijboer.  

Gert messaged us yesterday stating he’s been waiting a long time for a refund from Benedict as he hasn’t received the guitar he paid for or his money back.  Gert gave Benedict a total of $1299.96 over six installments of $216.66.  He kept emailing and calling Benedict looking for his money back. Benedict sent him this email this morning:

They were “bought out” and now have a Board of Supervisors.  And he has to refrain from and remove any negative comments about the company in order to get his refund from the “Board of Supervisors”?  According to the California Secretary of States Office, TTM Guitars filed a generic LLC with one manager.  Their hasn’t been any updates in a change of ownership required by law:

Obviously frustrated with Benedict’s stall tactics, Gert demanded his refund immediately and rightfully so.  That’s when Benedict copied his Attorney on the emails from that point on:

Any reasonable person would want to know why this guy keeps stalling and making excuses giving people either their guitar they wanted or their money back.  Then add a stipulation for them to refrain from posting negative comments about TTM and removing the ones they’ve already posted.  Any legitimate business would never ask one of there customers to reframe from posting comments about them, stalling for time to issue a refund, make excuse after excuse why they haven’t received their guitar or refund.  Benedict has demonstrated very questionable business tactics.  Why is there such a delay in making these guitars?  Why can’t you refund a customers money immediately when requested?  What is the Board of Supervisors names? Why haven’t you informed the Secretary of State of a “sale” or added “Officers”? Why involve a lawyer when you can just give the guys money back? Why continue to use artists photos on your website claiming they endorse TTM when they don’t?

There are MANY questions left unanswered from Mr. Benedict.  Will Gert get his money back? Will the others?  There’s ALOT more to this story so please stay tuned!

If you’ve been a victim of TTM Guitars and Lance Benedict, please consult with an attorney and/or your local police department to see if criminal and/or civil action can be commenced against them.

Also, you can file a complaint with the California Attorney Generals Office at:

You don’t have to be a California resident to file!

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