Toto Guitar Legend Steve Lukather Discusses His New Solo Album ‘I Found The Sun Again’

Guitar legend Steve Lukather has a new solo album coming out ‘I Found The Sun Again’ and a live stream happening on Saturday, 11/21.  Details on the live stream are at the end of this interview.

Luke was gracious enough to sit down and talk with us about his new solo album and Toto lineup.

Where did you find the inspiration to write the songs to I found the sun again?
SL: My girlfriend. It’s the first love song I’ve written in 10 years, it’s like the lightbulb turned on again she’s really changed my life. Kinda cheesy, I admit it, but it just came to me you know, and I rolled with it.

This is such a diverse album stylistically. 
SL: I made this one for me. Let’s face it, that’s why you make solo records- to show a different side of you. You know for anyone that follows me or likes my stuff it’s for them too of course. I’m happy doing just what I’m doing you know.
How do you feel you’ve evolved as a musician over the years’?

SL:  I’ve mellowed out man, I’ve mellowed out my whole life. I’m old and eccentric (Hah!). I don’t have to try to be the best at anything anymore, I’m out of the race you know. I’ve run the race, I’ve already done all that shit. I still dig what’s happening, what I’m doing is I’m enjoying life you know. Seeing how it all rolls.

Toto Guitar Legend Steve Lukather Discusses His New Solo Album 'I Found The Sun Again'

Are there any differences between your live and studio rig? 
SL:  Not anymore. I love my Bogner’s, I don’t really need a lot more. I went to the studio and plugged in. I played with some settings and just started playing. I try and keep things simple, I just wanna play guitar you know.
Do you write the lyrics or music first?
SL:  In this case, I wrote the music first and then kinda molded things around that. I mean for me, there aren’t any rules, it’s like “ Hey, are we making music yet”??
Steve, I’ve gotta ask. There’s a video out there of you annihilating your neighbors with your rig outdoors, I died of laughter.  please tell me this was staged.
SL:  Oh No, No, No, That’s not staged.  They’re bad neighbors (laughs). It started with the leaf blowing at 7:00 in the morning, I’d had enough. I said watch me blow these motherfuckers out. My girlfriend dared me and I said, “Oh yeah ?? You think I won’t?” I turned everything up to 10- faced the rig that way, and here we are.
Can you tell us about your relationship with Eddie Van Halen?
SL:  You know we were friends besides being just guitar buddies. I loved him with all my heart. It tore me up. He was really a good person and a good man. There’s a hole in my heart for him, God Bless Ed.
Is there anyone you haven’t collaborated with that you’d like to? 
SL:  Hmm. Gosh. I don’t know man, I’m not up to the challenge anymore.I’m happy where I am now just doing what I do, and enjoying what I do, and liking what I do. You never know what the future holds but we’ll see.
Depending on this virus, what are your touring plans for 2021?

SL:  We’re supposed to start going out mid-July and then stay out most of the year doing Toto, then Ringo, then more Toto. Once we clear up this virus and get through it, we have lots to do. I haven’t put on my shoes in 6 months man, You know at this point.. we’re all in the same.


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Toto Guitar Legend Steve Lukather Discusses His New Solo Album 'I Found The Sun Again'

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