Top Five Bands Guitarist Courtney Cox Could Fit Right Into

Iron Maidens guitarist Courtney Cox has vibrato, tone, and technique that not many current guitarists possess.  If the Iron Maidens veteran guitarist was going to join jump ship, what band would she join?  Here’s our list of the top five that CCShred would shred in:

1. Burning Witches

This would be the most logical band, but geographically unlogical.  Courtney did some solo work on the Witches album. Romana does excellent guitar work, but Sonia, as much as I like her, is the weakest link.  Courtney would blaze those solos and kick the lady witches in the ass that Sonia can’t.

2. Municipal Waste

This would be a killer combination!  If Nick or Ryan ever departed, they should contact the Iron Maidens shredder.

3. Suicidal Tendencies 

Seeing CC shred the Suicidal riffs would be amazing. Her and Mike jamming to “You Can’t Bring Me Down.”

4. Exodus

How fucking cool would it be to see Courtney slaying the fretboard with Gary Holt?  Providing nothing will happen Lee Altus; this would never happen.

5. King Diamond

A childhood favorite, Courtney would be an added compliment to All That Shreds Hall of Famer Andy Larocque.  Courtney already being in a KD cover band Queen Diamond, she could lay shred to the King masterfully.

Now we never bullshit you guys.  We didn’t mention Alice Cooper.  Former Maidens guitarist Nina Strauss currently occupies AC.  We have a split vote here at All That Shreds.  Some feel Nita is way overrated and gets too much overexposure for her marginally average talent and was at the right time, the right place for the Cooper gig.  Others feel her fame is rightfully hers with her playing ability and her passion for helping others and motivating other female guitarists to be their best.

I, myself, love Nita’s ability to inspire and encourage other musicians to be their best.  Do I think she’s overexposed when players have better expertise? Yes, I do, and one guitarist is Courtney Cox.

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