Tommy Bolan - The Guitar Maestro

Tommy Bolan – The Guitar Maestro

 By Andrew Catania

You could easily confuse him with the late 25-year-old Tommy Bolin from Zephyr, but, Tommy Bolan is undoubtedly one of the best guitarists America has to offer. Tommy Bolan was born in Queens New York. He plays as the lead singer and guitarist for the three piece N.Y.C. band that’s currently making waves with their latest album release dubbed Zyko.
Tommy Bolan, the metal guitar maestro was a former lead guitarist for a renowned band called Warlock that produced stellar music and works that gained recognition and awards in reputable awarding events. To date, they occasionally work together. He’s best known for his unique style of shredding. Tommy Bolan also rocks the guitar through an intricate mix of versatile combinations that includes; slamming, a series of well tuned heavy groove-laden stints and undeniable signature vocals that make up his recognizable persona on stage

Tommy Bolan is fast gaining influence and popularity with his fan base and has gone on to initiate an instructional DVD dubbed Metal Primmer. It has received grand reception owing to his good reviews from numerous magazines and personalities all crediting his prowess and skill on stage working his guitar. The good reviews and impeccable ratings have landed him several endorsement deals and advertisement spots promoting products such as Whammy’s range of sounding pedal products. Also, he’s seen on print ads promoting the guitar wheel on the established Guitar Player Magazine pages. And countless other gigs.
Tommy Bolan has made a cameo in the recent documentary “The Music Never Ends” telling the story of the jazz hall of fame guitarist Jimmy Stewart. He’s seen to collaboratively work with other artists and bands such as Doro Pesch on the upcoming, much anticipated Sweden rock and Norway rock festivals. Also, Tommy has been featured on the new album release by Banzai, working with Jiro Okabe named ‘Can’t Stop Me‘. Additionally, with Tommy Henriksen, a man Tommy Bolan refers to as ‘my Warlock brother,’
Tommy Bolan’s art is viewed as an expression of letting go of life’s stressful situations, blowing off steam and offering a chance to reflect on life and daily issues. Reviews indicate just how much the art impacts individuals, many giving their opinion on Tommy Bolan’s art as follows; that he’s a gifted guitarist who’s young, hip and gives exceptional performances at all times. Doro Pesch credits him as a vital part of success in her performances, his live shows gain respectable note and rave reviews from his audience, he’s taken metal to a whole new level, his Zyko album performing enviously after premiering at number thirty-eight on the charts. Gypsy from said that the crowd wouldn’t let N.Y.C. stop playing and they just wanted Tommy Bolan to continue playing.  Tommy Bolan is surely a sensation to watch and listen to.


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