August 13, 2022
Thrashers Heretic Releasing "A Game You Cannot Win"
Mid-80’s thrash metal holds a soft spot for so many metal fans.  For “us,” it was the real rise of our favorite music.  A lot of bands were birthed during this very active period, many that would play their own part in the genre’s overall mega popularity.

HERETIC is a band some may remember.  Featured on Metal Blade’s popular Metal Massacre compilation series (specifically Volume 7), the Southern California-based band found immediate attention via the comp, and it resulted in the 1988 release of their debut, The Breaking Point.

Thrashers Heretic Releasing "A Game You Cannot Win"

Shortly after release, things immediately changed for Heretic.  Vocalist Mike Howe staged his exit to join Metal Church while founding guitarist Brian Korban, in turn, would go on to form Reverend with then exiting Metal Church vocalist David Wayne.  Despite a favorable response to The Breaking Point, Heretic quickly went silent.

In 2011, Korban with vocalist Julian Mendez, Hirax guitarist Glenn Rogers, and bassist Angelo Espino would reform Heretic.  The band would see the release of their second album, A Time Of Crisis (Metal Blade) putting an end to a 20-year gap recording gap.

Now signed to Dissonance Productions, Heretic is set to release their third album, A Game You Cannot Win.  Upon signing with the UK-based label, Espino said, “Heretic is proud and excited to become part of the Dissonance Productions family. We are honored to be associated with a record label that has such a great line up of “classic” metal acts. We are eager to dig in and get our hands dirty.”
Dissonance owner Steve Beatty added, “I am stoked to have this great band on the label. This record blew me away and is a fast lane favorite.  I hope I don’t get another speeding ticket! A combination of precision and muscle, not to be messed with.”

Heretic is:
Julian Mendez – Vocals
Brian Korban – Guitars
Angelo Espino – Bass
Stuart Fujinami – Guitars
Ignazio “Iggy” Coppola – Drums

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