The Nita Strauss Syndrome

By John Sullivan Investigative Reporter

I was going through my Facebook feed, and I see the above Guitar World magazine cover posted with the words CONGRATS! Guitarist of the Decade, and I see the names listed.  Nothing against Damian and the guys(well, maybe just a tad) I don’t like the people being chosen for their front covers by the advertising dollars there sponsors spend with them.  I notice a photo of Nita Strauss.

Now, let me get this right on the record.  Nita is a lovely person.  She’s a smart, hard-working musician.  Do I think she deserves the Guitarist of the Decade nod? Absolutely Not.  This is where some of my fellow journalists get caught in what I call the Nita Strauss Syndrome.

The Nita Strauss Syndrome

Nita is a very smooth talker and well-spoken. She inspires younger players, and that’s all great and dandy.  People get overwhelmed with the warm and fuzzies that hide the fact that she’s just an average playing guitarist. Some guys will say, “Fuck you, she kicks ass and is the best out there.”  You have to ask Joe keyboard warrior what’s he basing his opinion on?  I’ve asked several industry insiders is there something I’m missing, and some say the same thing, why is she featured so much for being an average player?  With Guitar World, it’s the all-mighty advertising dollars Ibenez pays that I’m sure has something to do with it. Besides, GW is completely out of touch when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal guitarists. One guy thought Chris Impellitteri retired after the Stand in Line CD.  Can’t make this stuff up.

If you want to talk guitarist of the decade from the women’s side, what about Nili Brosh? Gretchen Menn? Stephanie Bradley? Lzzy Hale? Courtney Cox? One thing we happily don’t do is kiss anybody’s ass. Anyone of these names could’ve been up there along with Mark Tremonti and others listed, but they don’t have a good smoke and mirrors show going on as others do.

UPDATE:  Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Ibanez is having a cyber blitz week with Guitar World?  Advertising Dollars will get your endorsed artists featured more!  Is that right? Absolutely not.

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  1. He did get 1 thing thing right…. GW is completely out of touch when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal guitarists…..

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