The NAMM Show, Looking Out For Its Members Or Taking Your Money & Not Taking Action On Shady Companies?

  1. The NAMM show is the yearly spectacle where exhibitors show off their new products for the upcoming year.  Winter NAMM is held in California and summer NAMM in Nashville. These trade shows are vitally important for companies to generate buzz amongst customers and get the hype started to get orders going.  Some companies don’t attend NAMM as they see it being too expensive.  It’s also a great place to meet and market with people.

It is good and bad about that.  The good being a company could hook up with a vendor that could lower its operating cost on products.  The bad could be counterfeiters and letting shady people exhibit, and network such as Lance Benedict did this past summer NAMM.

We had conversations with NAMM to try and forewarn them about the train wreck that was going to be Lance Benedict defrauding everyone. NAMM said there’s nothing they can do as their just a trade show organization.  A trade show that will happily take your money as an exhibitor.

Everyone knows the story that they contacted us a month later, saying they did their research and banned Benedict and TTM from everyone attending NAMM again.  They didn’t make a press release about this as it’s their policy not to discuss their membership.

The question should be asked, is NAMM looking out for its members or lining their pockets with your exhibit fees and being a toothless tiger when it comes to people like Benedict and counterfeiters to do anything about them?

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