The Federal Trade Commission Is The Latest To Join In The Investigation Of Lance Benedict & TTM

With the multiple state and federal agencies investigating TTM Guitars and Lance Benedict, make room for the Federal Trade Commission.

We’ve learned that the California Department of Business Oversite has asked the FTC to join their investigation into Benedict and TTM Guitars allegedly operating illegal franchises within California without being properly licensed. As Benedict is now seeking franchisees under the disguise of distributors across the country.  DBO asked the FTC to join as it involves multiple state and federal agencies, US Postal Inspection Service, California AG’s Office, Department of Labor and Tax, DOL Wage and Hour investigating everything from mail, tax, wire, and workmans comp fraud, not sending guitars that were paid through interstate commerce.

California Attorney Generals Office Receiving Additional Complaints.

The California Attorney General’s Office Consumer Fraud Division has received additional complaints from TTM Guitar customers.  We’ve received messages from customers saying they’ve received the wrong guitars, guitars that were supposed to be USA made when they’re obviously made in China, to not receiving guitars they’ve purchased over a year ago.  We’re awaiting comment from the AG’s office as to whether this has turned into a criminal matter as of yet.

The Hussey Brothers Continue To Ignore Washington State Officials


The Hussey Brothers continue to ignore Washington State Department of Financial Services regarding their franchise turned “distributorship” with their TTM Guitars Washington State website.  Washington State officials want to confirm information with them regarding their business arrangement with Benedict before they take any action.

Mark Kendall from Great White to All That Shreds

Mike Lucero and Curtis Berry of Golden State Music and Consulting are new targets of investigation for allegations of an illegal franchise in California.

California Department of Busines Oversight has started looking into GSM Sales and Consulting as they’ve been advertising as a franchisee of TTM Guitars.  Benedict filed for dissolution of TTM Guitars LLC with the California Secretary of State to avoid any civil and criminal charges that may arise from his alleged fraud.

Benedict has diversified his portfolio of musical instrument offerings with keyboards, drums to go along with his guitars.  According to his Chinese suppliers, Benedict is using pre-existing instruments made for other suppliers and placing his TTM logo on them.


We will update you as new developments occur.

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