September 28, 2022
Anette Olzon Discusses The New Dark Element Album And Nightwish

The Dark Element is back with its sophomore release, “Songs The Night Sings” with former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon and former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainenmer 

Their self-titled debut combined elements of symphonic metal and pop to deliver an energetic, synth-heavy melodic metal album. While that debut was excellent, their sophomore effort, Songs the Night Sings, is a masterpiece. The sound is fuller, the arrangements are more diverse, and everything else has gotten a serious upgrade.

All of the aspects of The Dark Element that were good remain. Anette’s vocals are as good as ever and belt out some excellent melodies. On top of that, the electronic and synth elements are lively, and powerful energy is carried through the whole album. I’ve never been a fan of synthesizer stuff, orchestrations now support it, and the guitar work is way more intricate. Combine this with a beefier production, and you quickly see why this could be the best melodic metal album of the year.

Another area in which Songs the Night Sings excels in is variety. There’s not a whole lot you won’t find in this album; there are lighter songs in ‘I Have to Go’ and ‘To Whatever End,’ intense, riff-heavy tracks like ‘The Pallbearer Walks Alone’ and ‘Not Your Monster,’ and everything in between. The album also flows smoothly, with well-constructed ups-and-downs, allowing for the emotionality to run organically.

The Dark Element Delivers Another Masterpiece With "Songs The Night Sings"

When I interviewed Anette last week, she said she has found her happiness again singing with The Dark Element.  It shows as this album is another masterpiece.

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