The Burning Witches “Hexenhammer” Is A Must Buy Record

By Andrew Catania

I was so glad when Nuclear Blast Records signed Switzerland base Burning Witches.  The Witches old school metal sound with catchy riffs and Halford like vocals makes there new album “Haxenhammer” which is due out on November 9th, 2018 is a must buy for the metal enthusiast.

The vocal range of Seraina can be fully appreciated in the song  “Possession” where she showcases her vocal range quite well.  Their cover of Dio’s “Holy Diver” puts there stamp on the timeless classic.  The guitar work from Romana and Sonia is impressive throughout.  Old school heavy metal riffs and solos.  Jay and Lala are equally as impressive on the bass and drums.  Courtney Cox from the Iron Maidens guests on the song “Maiden of Steel.

“Hexenhammer” is an impressive album for the Witches.  What’s more exciting is to watch the development as they progress with each album.  This album is a must buy if you love old school heavy metal.  Hopefully, the Witches will tour worldwide, and I assure you there fanbase will explode.  9/10 Rating

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