The Art Of Focusing in Three Easy Steps For Your Band

1. Focus on What Works

The first step in staying focused is concentrating on what works for you. Typically, you’ll breeze through these items and then burn out when it comes to the more challenging tasks.

What does this look like as a musician and band?

If you offered an extra 10% pay for each gig you booked. So, if you booked a gig at $300, the first $30 went straight in your pocket. A pretty nice commission.

2. Simplify Everything Often

Before Ray Croc took over McDonald’s restaurant, the McDonald brothers had already optimized their system. It was fast and efficient. Everything was very laser-focused. They literally invented “fast-food”.

Long story, short, they eliminated all the items from their menu except for the top 3 selling things: hamburgers, french fries and soda pop.

That is laser focus.

Because of this simplification and their passion for the business, you could have your order within 30 seconds of paying for it. That was unheard of at the time.

Without the ingenuity of the McDonald brothers, Croc could have never franchised and grew the business to what it is today.

They never stopped making it better.

As a musician, you have so many processes that you deal with on a daily basis.

  • Writing Songs
  • Booking Gigs
  • Promoting Your Music
  • Posting to Social Media
  • Practicing alone and with your band
  • Submitting to Record Labels
  • Networking
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda

Every time you go to work on something ask yourself if the process could be simplified or is there a better way.

Simplifying your system could result in you putting out 52 beats this year instead of 12. It could mean you release 2 albums instead of an EP. It could mean you book 20 more gigs or get 10 more music blog features.

3. Laser Focus Your Energy

Time and energy are limited. If you missed my podcast on The Gift of Time check it out.

Being laser-focused on the task at hand is critically important to success.

Look at your task list. What is most important?

Stay focused on it until it is done.

Think of a magnifying glass. With laser focus, it can remain completely still and cause a fire. Positioned with laser focus the energy of the sun will ignite a spark that will burst into flame.

Imagine what could happen with your music career if you maintained that kind of laser focus!

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