August 18, 2022
Testament's 'Titans Of Creation' Is A Must Purchase

I was reading some criticism about Testament’s new album, “Titans Of Creation.”  I have no idea what these guys are complaining about.  Testament puts out one killer album after another.

This is going to be a concise review.  Titans Of Creation is what you expect from Testament, pure, raw in your face metal with Alex Skolnick shredding away.  Buy it, listen to it, stream it, and enjoy it!

Testament's 'Titans Of Creation' Is A Must Purchase

1 thought on “Testament’s ‘Titans Of Creation’ Is A Must Purchase

  1. Yeah we all love it here at Metal Express Radio. I even bought a physical copy which I didn’t have to as we have the promo. It’ll be on a lot of our Top 11 of 2020 lists here this year!

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