Tesla’s Frank Hannon Speaks With All That Shreds At NAMM 2018

Frank Hannon is a founding member and lead guitarist of the band TESLA; Frank is also a singer/ songwriter/producer and co-owner of the indie label RedHawk Records. Having a passion for all genres of music, he has recorded several solo albums including “Guitarz From Marz,“ “Gypsy Highway,“ “Six-String Soldiers,“ and “World Peace.“ Frank is also passionate about the art of producing music and has worked with numerous other artists in his Northern California studio.

Playing Electric and Acoustic guitar, Piano, B3 organ, Bass and just about any instrument he can get in his hands, Frank loves to experiment with Blues, Country, Folk and Jamming improvising styles beyond what he is most famous for in the “Rock” genre. His mother introduced him to psychedelic sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, and others from the San Francisco era as a child, and then he developed his love for hard rock throughout high school in the 80’s.

Who are your influences?

FH: I’m influenced obviously by 70’s rock bands, particularly guitar players that sing, Joe Walsh, Rick Derringer, Johnny Winter, of course, Jimi Hendrix, The guys who play guitar but sing and write songs. Those are my favorite players, as are Peter Frampton, Ted Nugent, Derek St Holmes, guys like that. That’s the premise of my new album which comes out today, “From One Place to Another,”

You got the new album, what else is going on in 2018?

FH:  Right now we’re at the NAMM show. Then I go home for a local show Feb 3.Then I’m going to Las Vegas March 1st, Phoenix March 2, Tucson March 3rd, Denver March 9th.

Before that, I’m going in the studio with my trio and cut some live songs for my album Volume 3. My new album is a 3 volume set, putting out every three months, and 30 songs of remakes that I’m singing. Each record is getting heavier. My third album is going to have some special guests, including, Randy Hanson, Blackberry Smokes’ Paul Jackson, Duane Betts, and Ron Keel singing. I’ve very blessed my friends have stepped up to the plate and jamming with me on the album.

Tesla's Frank Hannon Speaks With All That Shreds At NAMM 2018
Photo by Renee Jahnke

Being we’re here at NAMM is there any gear you swear by, play?

FH:  Well you know I’m a weird guy. I love everything, and I made the mistake of endorsing people, and I’ve been cautious not endorsing something that I don’t genuinely love. Right now I’m single, and I’m not endorsing anybody. It’s the first time I’ve been to NAMM in a while, and I’m fishing for what I want to get married to. Because the next endorsement I do, I want it to be permanent. I’m drooling over Paul Reed Smith guitars right now; he’s a super nice guy. My friends; Neil Schon, and Pat Travers, they are using Paul Reed Smith. Unfortunately, Gibson guitars are not even here. I don’t know what’s going with them. Everybody knows I love the SG. Keely pedals, Seymor Duncan pickups, D’addario strings are number one. They’re the best guitar string on the planet, that’s the only endorsement I have, D’Addario strings

Thank you, Frank, for your time and good luck this year

FH: Thanks!





Written by Tony Lepre.  Photos by Renee Jahnke.

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