Tesla Has Shocked Its Fans With Its Latest Record, “Shock”

By Andrew Catania

It’s hard to imagine that this is only Tesla’s eighth studio album in 33 years.  The band has stayed true to its roots and has evolved over time.  I was reading some of the reviews on Amazon from Tesla’s faithful fans and a majority of them rip apart their latest, “Shock.”  Writer reviews have stated this is there best album in years.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hit play on the Phil Collen produced and co-wrote album.  I had heard the title track, “Shock” and thought it was pretty good. I thought, maybe, Collen wouldn’t turn this into the bubble gum music his band has put out after it’s first three good albums.

Shock isn’t as bad as some fans make it out to be.  Sure, there’s the bubble gum Def Leppard like choruses of “Ohhh, yeahh” mixed in.  Jeff Keith’s vocals try and make you forget about them.

I personally wouldn’t allow Phil Collen to touch my dogs’ record due to his uninspiring playing and songwriting.  When listening to “Shock”, I believe Tesla was trying to evolve.  With Collen aboard and allowing him to be involved as much as he was, I think it tilted the evolvement towards a Def Leppard like sound.

Is this a bad album?  No.  Is this one of Tesla’s best? No.  This is going to be one of those albums in their catalog that’s there but not talked about a lot.

With the immense talent that the guys in Tesla possess, I hope that they will not go down this road again and bypass anything to do with Phil Collen in future albums.  7/10 Rating.

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  1. Phil Collen has stripped Tesla of its grit and turned them into Tes Leppard . Way too polished , toning close to a live feeling of Tesla records of the past .
    Where is the crunch and dual guitar solos at ? Stripped of any grit at all . 4/10

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