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Rusty Cooley – The Leading Light of Post Malmsteen Shredvolution

By Andrew Catania

Rusty Cooley is one of those few names of the metal shredding genre who have proven themselves as an eligible and worthy heir to the legacy of eternal metal legends such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads. An honor and acclaim of this significance never come as complementary though. It should require immense talents, some exceptional command and penchant for non-conformity on a musician’s part to not just make a mark, but a breakthrough to demolish the status quo of the industry.

In the particular realm of rock and metal music sphere, many musicians have emerged since the mighty era of the 1980s, as a likely addition to the genre. Equipped with speed, techniques and making waves with their unique style, some musicians of the modern era of metal are making an encouraging reassurance that the future of the genre is in safe hands. However, among all the shred metal maestros of the modern era, Rusty Cooley’s name rests a par above the rest.

It should cost an exceptional talent, and a massive dose of efforts to a metal musician to be called as the ‘Leading Light of Post-Malmsteen Shredvolution and Rusty Cooley has proven his mettle and expertise to be rendered as worthy of the title. That is not all Rusty Cooley possesses to his claim.

The Leading Light of Post Malmsteen Shredvolution is also known as ‘The Master Shredder’ and as one of ‘The Fastest Guitarists in the World.’ All these titles and awards and that too at the age of 47 tell a lot about the strength, status and the credibility of a musician like Rusty.

Rusty Cooley

Completely owning the genre that brought him this fame, Rusty has not only contributed to the progress of the genre, he has also been imparting his acumen and expertise for the benefit of the current and coming generations of metal musicians.

Rusty playing technique is pure and highly refined. His tones are well-structured, finely articulated to the core and stands a class apart regarding the flow, speed, depth, nuances and versatility. It is interesting to note that these unique attributes that have become his signature characteristics primarily stem from his self-taught learning approach.

Rusty Cooley was never satisfied in learning from the instructors and opted instead for his high road. Plunging headlong in the pursuit of his passion, Rusty tried his hands on a variety of instruments, playing styles, techniques, and that too in a multitude of genres and sub-genres.

This extensive learning has allowed him to build a strong grasp of rock and metal music. Being well-versed with the tact and intricacies of the chords, it has become a cake walk for him to squeeze out tones, with extreme clarity, exuberant audacity and at an extreme speed.

Talking about his ideals and role models, Rusty claims to be inspired by some eminent musicians of the 1970s and 1980s decade. Some of his prime influences and inspirations include prominent names such as Vinnie Moore, Randy Rhoads, Tony McAlpine, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and of course, Yngwie Malmsteen.

Follow Rusty @ http://rustycooley.com/

All That Shreds New Logo!

By Andrew Catania

When I was looking at changing my logo, I wanted to feature a guitar that was different and had great looks.  I choose the Dean Guitars USA Rusty Cooley Limited Edition RC8 with fanned frets.

Rusty’s dedication to the fretboard and his amazing playing had a lot to do with incorporating his guitar into my new logo.

Check out Rusty’s Signature Series Guitars from Dean.  They’re made to Rusty’s demanding specifications for superior playing.  All of Rusty’s Signature Series Guitars are made to his specifications.

All That Shreds is proud to feature the 7 and 8 string dominator Rusty Cooley’s Signature Series Guitars made by Dean in our logo.  For information on Dean Guitars and the Rusty Cooley Signature Series, please visit http://www.deanguitars.com/artist?uid=98 and http://www.deanguitars.com


All Hail Rusty Cooley!

By Andrew Catania

Guitar legend Rusty Cooley has an amazing resume.  One thing that gets overlooked is his contributions and guest work on other artists records.  Here’s a list of Rusty’s guest work:

From so Far Away by All Shaw Perish CD Awaken the Dreamers
Let off Some Steam Bennett by Austrian Death Machine CD Double Brutal
Get Your Story Straight,  Austrian Death Machine CD Triple Brutal
Frozen by Fire co-written by Rusty Cooley, and Derek Sherinian CD Molecular Heinosity

Encased In Ice by After Burial CD in Dreams
Aeons of Burning Galaxies and Aeons of Burning Galaxies Instrumental Bonus Version by George Kollias CD Invictus
8 Pillars of Steel, by Michael Angelo Batio CD Intermezzo
Born to Lead, by Falling in Reverse CD Fashionably Late
Bloodcaster, by Ghost Ship Octavius CD Ghost Ship Octavius
Epilogue for Lisa by Shawn Lane CD Tribute to Shawn Lane 1
Verbal Skillz by The Shawn Baker Orchestra CD A Baker’s Dozen
The Illusion Of Choice 3 by Alustrium CD A Tunnel do Eden
To Hell by Black 13 cd Pieces
Phoenix, Guardian of Time, Going Through the Motions, Only one Truth, Book of Illusions, Let it Go by Book of Reflections CD Book of Reflections
Infused by rings of Saturn CD Lugal Ki En
Rogosonic, Leave the World Alone
Michael Angelo Batio Shred Force 1,
Julian Lehman, Mother Nature
Karim K, Thirty-six and nine