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ReverbNation Featured Artist Tim Holman

Tim’s love of shred runs deep.  Inspired by such guitar heroes as Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, and Vinnie Moore, Tim made the transition from piano to guitar at 14 years of age.  It was a move that was a few years in the making due to saving to buy his first guitar himself.  His parents were sure it was just a phase, but he certainly proved their theory false.

Being almost entirely self-taught, Tim started with the typical method books and tab books.  He also gleaned valuable information from informal lessons with his high school band teacher.  However, being unable to find a teacher to show him the technical aspects that he desired, he began buying books and records to learn from, a number that grew to thousands of albums and hundreds of books.

After graduation, Tim studied at the respected Trebas Institute in Toronto.  The education that he received upon completion of their prestigious audio production course opened the right doors to start working, and he often pulled double duty as a session musician and assistant engineer.  Tim attributes this experience as a large part of the development of his style.  Says Tim, “Working on everything from Ska and Reggae to Metal developed my versatility as an artist. Having to be in top form and shine at the moment when the client was footing the bill whipped my playing into shape!”

Tim is also a gifted teacher who loves to further others’ ambitions.  His new website is dedicated to teaching the technical aspects of the guitar with lessons that he wishes had been available when he was learning.  You’ll find these lessons written in easily digestible chunks.  There are already many challenging lessons with more to test every aspect of your playing being added regularly.

With the release of “Impact,” Tim has realized a huge goal and provided a remarkable statement to the world of shred guitar.  Melding classic influences with his unique style, Tim has forged a great album that guitar lovers can listen to over and over and catch something new every time.

Now organizing a tour consisting of both shows and clinics, expect to catch Tim live soon.

Following years of session playing, live performance and teaching, Tim has released a stunning debut that exhibits an exciting playing style and is versatile and accessible to all listeners.  From over the top shred licks to “chicken picking” country and blues, Tim has displayed that he does indeed have the chops for a solo outing.

Luminary, Gary Hoey has said, “Tim Holman is a force, mixing bluesy feel with killer shred.  The future looks good with players like Tim.  Watch out world.”

Being largely an instrumental album, the final draw is the high energy that every track exudes.  Beginning with the blistering track “Lift Off,” the album doesn’t let up throughout its nine-song entirety.  With the final song, “The Pilgrimage,” culminating in some of the most extreme soloing on the album, it’s a journey that the listener can take more away from with every spin.

Other highlights include the haunting love ballad, “I’ll Still Have the Strength,” the intense and progressive tour de force “Abaddon,” and Tim’s inimitable rockabilly style on “Hillbilly Boogie.”

With industry veterans, Avid Steele on vocals and Phil Robertson on drums, “Impact” is an album that will satisfy the rocker in everyone.

Release Date: March 28th, 2017 

Track Listing

  1. Lift Off – 3:35
  2. Hillbilly Boogie – 4:42
  3. Abaddon – 4:37
  4. Who Let the Satch Out 3:40
  5. I’ll Still Have the Strength 5:42
  6. Outside Cat – 3:45
  7. Impact – 4:02
  8. The Rising…Dawn of the Apocalypse – 4:19
  9. The Pilgrimage – 6:39


Tim Holman

Phone:  403-829-7730

Email: tim@timholman.ca


Website:  timholman.ca

Facebook:  facebook.com/tholmanmusic/

Instagram:  Instagram.com/timholmanmusic/

Twitter:  twitter.com/TimHolmanMusic

Album Credits

Produced by Tim Holman

Mixed by Dave Martone at Brainworks, Vancouver BC


Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound, Winnipeg MB


Engineered by Tim Holman and Kasey Kline at Vibe West Studio, Penticton BC

Additional Engineering by Dave Martone, David Steele and Phil Robertson


Tim Holman – Guitars and Bass


David Steele – Lead and Background Vocals



Phil Robertson – Drums



Strings in “The Pilgrimage” by Black Dog String Quartet


The Professor Joe Satriani

By Andrew Catania

For most musicians, just being nominated for a Grammy is a dream come true in itself. However, being nominated for the Grammy Award a total of fifteen times and selling over 10 million albums makes Joe Satriani incomparable to most musicians.

The Midas of all instrumentalists, it would be nothing but fair to say that Satriani truly turns everything he touches to audio gold. Joseph “Joe” Satriani is an American born and bred multi-instrumentalist best known for his career as a rock guitarist.

Influenced by the death of the legendary Jimi Hendrix, Satriani was drawn to the world of guitars at the age of 14. How he started to play the guitar is a narrative made for the history books. He heard of Hendrix’s death on the football field during football practice, walked off to his coach and informed his coach of his decision to quit in order to become a guitarist. He fell in love with the legend Hendrix was and today, he is nothing short of extraordinary himself.

In 1978, Satriani moved to California to pursue a career in music. He started teaching the guitar during this period. His skills on the guitar and fluid communication methods as an instructor led to numerous of his former students achieving unparalleled levels of success. Some of his former students include Steve Vai, Rick Hunolt, Larry LaLonde, Kirk Hammett and Charlie Hunter.

In 1986, Satriani released his first studio album titled Not of This Earth. It drove in successful critical acclaim and led to Satriani recording his second solo album, Surfing with the Alien, the very next year in 1987. It was the first all-instrumental solo album to perform as well as it had and to have become a radio hit since a significant number of years.

The news of his talent spread like wildfire through people who had witnessed his firsthand success. In 1988, a decade after he became a teacher, Satriani was recruited by Mick Jagger as lead guitarist for Jagger’s first solo tour. In 1989, Satriani released his third album Flying in a Blue Dream, inspired by the death of his father who had passed away during the making of the album. In 1992, Satriani released The Extremist, which has proven to become the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful album of his till date.

With one successful solo album release after the next, Satriani soon rose to worldwide fame. In 1993, he was invited to join the incredible Deep Purple as a temporary replacement for Ritchie Blackmore who had just left the band.

With 15 albums released since 1986 and with 15 Grammy Nominations, Joe Satriani is a name recognized across the world, from every corner of the United States to developing nations across Asia. He is considered to have mastered extremely difficult performance techniques on the electric guitar. Influenced by blues – rock guitar icons such as Hendrix and Clapton, he is skilled alternate picking, legato, harmonics and extreme whammy bar effects amongst numerous skills.

The fact that a significant number of his students have achieved critical commercial success is only a reflection of the master’s trade. It’s a pleasure following Satriani’s success and we’re just around the corner – waiting for his first Grammy win because it’s about damn time.

Jacky Vincent – Cry Venom’s Master Shredder of the New Generation

By Andrew Catania

Jacky Vincent is an English performer who was the lead guitarist and support vocalist of the American post-hardcore band Falling in Reverse from its arrangement until his takeoff in 2015 is and the present guitarist of the rock band Cry Venom. Vincent has one solo collection album titled “Star X Speed Story“, discharged in 2013 through Shrapnel Records.


Falling In Reverse’s previous bass player, Nason Schoeffler, found Vincent through MySpace in mid-2008, Jacky was then requested to join. Vincent is a unique individual from the band. Other than his work with Falling in Reverse he has likewise discharged a performance collection called “Star X Speed Story” under Shrapnel Records. The 13 tracks in length collection are created without anyone else and highlight a couple of different guitarists and also a couple of his band individuals. Vincent was roused by guitarists, for example, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo Batio, Jason Becker, Vinnie Moore, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai.

Vincent joined Falling in Reverse in 2008 as an establishing individual from the band. They discharged their presentation collection, ‘The Drug in Me Is You’, on July 26, 2011, which peaked at number 19 on the Billboard 200, offering 18,000 copies in its first week of offers. Falling in Reverse’s second studio collection, ‘Fashionably Late‘, was discharged on June 18, 2013, which topped at number 17 on the Billboard 200. The band discharged their third studio collection, ‘Just Like You’ on February 24, 2015. On  October 30, 2015, Vincent left the band on great terms to concentrate on his solo profession.

In 2016, Vincent framed Cry Venom with bassist Niki Gemini, keyboardist Colton Majors, lead vocalist Aleksey Smirnov and drummer Wyatt Cooper.  It is Vincent’s first band since his takeoff from Falling in Reverse in 2015.

Jacky Vincent has already utilized Jackson guitars as his fundamental instruments and claims 1 Dinky and 2 Soloists. Be that as it may, he is presently supported by Dean Guitars. Jacky Vincent now has 2 signature Dean Guitars.  One in which is the principle guitar he employments. It comes in purple, has 24 worries, has EMG pickups, and has a Floyd Rose special. The particulars of his mark guitar are recorded on the Dean Guitars site.

Jacky Vincent’s performances are regularly quick. He fundamentally utilizes clear picking blended with tapping in his performances.

He likewise utilizes quick legato keeps running as a part of melodies like “Farewell Graceful” and “Get The Phone” and “Destined to Lead“. Jacky additionally expresses that his greatest impacts were his father, sibling and hair metal groups. Jacky’s sibling made sense of how to tap on the guitar, as clarified in his Alternative Press Interview.

To conclude, Jacky Vincent is the true meaning of a modern day epic musician and guitarist. His playing style, skills, and energy are indeed second to none and always possess the capability to enchant and amaze listeners all around the world.


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