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Charvel Unveils New Jake E Lee And Warren Demartini Signature Model Guitars

Charvel continues its long-held partnerships with Warren DeMartini and Jake E Lee with the upcoming release of brand-new signature models. The Warren DeMartini USA Signature Frenchie and the Jake E Lee USA Signature Blue Burst will be unveiled this week at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tenn., and available to consumers in October 2017.

Warren DeMartini USA Signature Frenchie








Fans have long clamored for a replica of Warren DeMartini’s famed and beloved “Frenchie” guitar, as seen live on tour and on a slew of magazine covers throughout Ratt’s reign in the 1980s. Charvel has responded with the Warren DeMartini USA Signature Frenchie, available in a Snow White and a Gloss Black finish. Both are detailed with cross decals and a tribute quote to James Dean in French that translates “too fast to live, too young to die.”

The Frenchie also offers premium features such as a Dinky™ alder body, one-piece bolt-on quartersawn maple neck and a 12″- 16″ compound radius maple fingerboard with 22 jumbo stainless steel frets and black dot inlays.

Custom-made for the legendary lead guitarist, the Seymour Duncan® Warren DeMartini RTM (“Rattus Tonus Maximus”) bridge pickup is a powerful high-output humbucker that naturally compresses for a well-balanced and even tone, perfect for complex chording and precision soloing. The RTM is boosted by an SSL-4 Quarter Pound neck pickup, adding fat, supercharged punch, and extra sustain.

The Frenchie also features a single volume control knob, three-way toggle switching, a Floyd Rose Original locking bridge and Gotoh® tuning machines.









Jake E Lee USA Signature Blue Burst








Jake E Lee’s original Blue Burst guitar gained notoriety during his stint with Ozzy Osbourne, as he recorded and performed live with the famous instrument throughout the band’s pivotal Bark at the Moon and Ultimate Sin years. Charvel® has recreated an unmistakable replica of Lee’s original model down to the very last detail.

The Jake E Lee USA Signature Blue Burst features a poplar body, one-piece bolt-on quartersawn maple neck and a 12” radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and white dot inlays.

Equipped with a versatile customized Seymour Duncan® JB Alnico II humbucking bridge pickup, this model can handle a diverse range of tones from sweet and warm to aggressive and distorted. It’s also supercharged with two powerful single-coil DiMarzio® SDS-1 pickups in the middle and neck for extra gain with a deeper, darker tone. The pickups are controlled with a five-way blade switch and single volume knob.

Available in a mesmerizing Blue Burst, this signature axe also features a brass Charvel hardtail bridge and output jack plate, and black Gotoh® tuning machines.

The Unbelievable Talent Of Panos Arvanitis

By Andrew Catania

If you don’t know who Panos Arvanitis is, you will very soon!

It is just fair to say that Greece is a home of talented artists, musicians, and guitarists? In Greece, music has become an intrinsic part of life. Many different individuals living in the country love creating music and enjoy listening to music in a variety of ways and under different circumstances. Individuals define music differently, but as a whole, music can unite nations, people, cultures, and traditions. History of music expands over time, and this has enriched and paved the way for the entrance of great musicians.


Panos A. Arvanitis is a professional musician and guitarist in Greece. With the aim of sharing his skills and talents, he also teaches and works as an expert guitar instructor. Casus Beli is a progressive band formed in 1997 including Panos A. Arvanitis, and together with the band members, the group released records and albums with the help of their record company.

It was in 1998 when Panos A. Arvanitis met Dedes Fresh from England that time. It was at that point when they started writing the first songs of Casus Beli. In that same year, they released their very first demo entitled “Promo On” which features P. PEAVY WAGNER (RAGE) in a couple of unique songs garnering 9/10 on Metal Hammer Magazine. In 2001, they successfully released their debut album called “Mirror Out of Time” exclusively through Sound & Vision Record and Distribution Company.

After various gigs and performances, Panos A. Arvanitis has gained the attention and interest of the masses. With his excellent talents in playing the guitar and creating music, record companies have all the right reason to sign him to a record deal or contract. Investing on a talented musician like Panos A. Arvanitis is surely a brilliant idea. Panos A. Arvanitis can promise lots of music and surely has something great to offer to all listeners and music lovers out there.


Yngwie Malmsteen- Another Great Guitarist and Songwriter in Sweden

If Greece has Panos A. Arvanitis, whom they consider one of their points of pride, Sweden also has Yngwie Malmsteen. Just like Panos A. Arvanitis, the expert in Guitar Yngwie Malmsteen is also famous for his music and talents. Yngwie Malmsteen is a well-known Swedish guitarist, bandleader, and songwriter. He first became famous in the 1980s and had earned positive high marks for his unique neoclassical heavy metal playing style. His talent and passion for music and guitar, Yngwie Malmsteen is expected to display this since he came from a musically inclined family.

Over the years, he amazingly plays the guitar in series of performances and has proven his talent to the masses. Talented bandleader, songwriter, and expert in Guitar Yngwie Malmsteen had successfully released various albums which gained positive feedbacks from individuals who bought them.

Panos A. Arvanitis and Yngwie Malmsteen are amazing music icons. Both are able and famous guitarists admired by people. Though coming from different countries, both are willing to share their good music to the world.

Jake E Lee and his Charvel Guitars

By Andrew Catania

It must have been an extra special task for Jake E. Lee to replace Randy Rhoads –who died in a plane crash in 1982- as a guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne’s band.

With ripping solos and great riffs in songs such as “ Rock N’ Roll Rebel” and “Bark at the Moon,” Jake E. Lee grew rapidly to be a guitar hero for several wannabe guitarists who wanted to follow each shade of his intense vibrato and incendiary tactic.

During the performance of this and other songs, he trusted a greatly modified mid-seventies fender Stratocaster that some thought was a Charvel guitar.
Lovingly nicknamed “Whitney” the guitar initially had a tobacco sunburst finish up to a time that Lee’s roommate – who was a painter at Charvel– painted it white after shaving the headstock.
The most noticeable changes of the guitar were in the center and neck only-coil pickups, which were made to lean in reverse. The configuration was Hendrix-inspired and it gave the guitar a uniquely cool look.
Ever since his short-lived stay in Ozzy and with his own band, Badlands, Jake E. Lee has maintained a low profile. However, he lately came forth with his new band, Red Dragon Cartel.
During his inconsistent career, what has been consistent is the guitar with which he is mainly associated. Fortunately, Charvel has recognized this exceptional instrument by providing the Jake E. Lee signature model with similar amazing tones.

There are several well-known Strat-Style guitars available today, but not any can come close to the Spartan fine-tuning of the Jack E. Lee.
Contrasting several “Super Strats” in this arena, which usually have additional frets, locking tremolos and double Humbuckers, the JEL has merely the bare essentials, counting:
– 21 frets- A bridge with a hard-tail design- It has a Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker- Double reverse-slanted DiMarzio SDS-1 one-coil pickups –controlled by a single volume knob with a versatile Five-Way Switching- Slender, lightweight ash body- Rosewood fretboard- Quarter Sawn Maple Neck with Oil Finish- Medium Jumbo Frets- 12″ to 16″ Compound Radius

The Jake E. Lee is a significant instrument since it allows flying about the fretboard easily with downright. That could be the secret behind Lee’s wide-interval vibrato techniques that created the tremolo bar effect.
Without fretting out, the 12 to 16-inch compound radius permits for extraordinary 21/2 step bend. In spite of the neck having a slim profile, it is strong which makes picking or placing your thumbs on the edge of the fretboard a piece of cake.
The Seymour Duncan JB Humbucker is ideal for this guitar. It has all the middle range bite required for different musical styles without overcoming the inbuilt fine tone of its ash body.
The reverse-slanted DiMarzio SDS-1 pickups are well-balanced for clarity. They also have a good deal of zest in the reverse-slanted configuration, making the notes resonate in a big way.
Even with its simplicity the JEL produces a huge sound and feels like a top-notch custom instrument, demonstrating less is beyond doubt more.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The Charvel Jake E. Lee Signature is a stripped-down rock and metal instrument possessing fine, pure tones and the best guitarist-friendly neck.

Warren Demartini – Ratt’s Axe Master Still Shredding!

By Andrew Catania

Acclaimed for his astoundingly fast minor scaling, wide vibratos and rated among the best metal guitarists of the world –  Warren Justin DeMartini aka Torch is an acclaimed musician who ruled in the limelight in the music sphere for the entire decade of the 1980s.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, on 10th April 1963, and the youngest of the five brothers, Warren DeMartini’s family moved to settle in San Diego during his early childhood. Two of his elder brothers Bernard and James held a strong affinity towards rock and later ventured into forming their band. His grandmother too was a professional musician and used to play piano for background score for silent movies in her time. So, music was kind of an old legacy that transcended into Warren DeMartini and his brothers.

Warren Demartini

DeMartini’s first exposure to guitar was when his mother bought him one, at seven years of age. It was a small guitar that went out of tune after a couple of jams. Angrier than aggrieved, little DeMartini demolished the instrument, and it was not until he turned 14 that his fingers came back in touch with the chords. This time it was a Cimar Les Paul copy of an electric guitar.

It was right since his childhood that DeMartini what he wanted to do in life. Music was his lifeline, and rock and metal had become his passion. With a proper instrument in hand, DeMartini delved headlong into the pursuit of his dreams and started to strengthen his grip and refine his skills over the tact and intricacies of heavy metal, glam metal, and hard rock.

DeMartini staged his first concert at the age of 15, with ‘The Plague‘ in an event held at La Jolla High School. Although it was not a huge feat, the concert sure brought DeMartini the exposure that he needed. DeMartini’s name started creating waves in the local music industry and was declared as the ‘Best Emerging Guitar Player in San Diego.’ After graduating in 1981, DeMartini enrolled himself at a local college. Until then, his name had started resonating in the music sphere and eventually landed him an invitation to join Mickey Ratt. He accepted the offer and moved to Los Angeles where he joined the band’s lineup as the lead guitarist, replacing Jake E. Lee.

DeMartini’s role as the lead guitarist paved new ways to success for the band. Aside from rendering his playing skills in the leading capacity, DeMartini also started experimenting on his musical penmanship. He has contributed great lyrics for some albums released by Ratt. Ratt was releasing successive hit records, including for platinum albums. The band ruled the entire decade of the 1980s and disbanded after DeMartini parted ways in 1992.

After bidding farewell to Ratt, DeMartini played for a short while for Dokken and later for Whitesnake. He also set up his solo profile, with an EP ‘Surf’s Up!‘ and a full-fledged album ‘Crazy Enough to Sing to You, and two more albums titled ‘Collage’ and ‘DeMartini. He also played for Dio for some time. In 1997, Ratt was revived, and DeMartini is an integral part of it til this day.


After 33 years Jake E Lee Should Finally Get Song Credits From the Osbournes for BATM

By Andrew Catania

The story of Ozzy Osbourne and Jake E Lee remains a great tale as old as time. Do you know that a musician without any prior business knowledge can be screwed up in a deal? This is exactly what happened between Jake and Ozzy. Jake has played on The Ultimate Sin and Bark at the Moon while operating with Ozzy.   Sharon Osbourne openly screwed Jake over royalties and songwriting credits. While Ozzy and Jake signed a deal, it later backfired to hurt the guitarist.

Jake E Lee was promised writing credits and even publishing before the deal. The primary problem with Jake is that he had no lawyer or management. Ozzy Osbourne has promised Jake of everything coming while he keeps on working on the album and signed the deal. As inquisitive as it gets, Jake keeps asking because he is about to complete the music recording. While Jake finally dropped the track of the guitar playing, Ozzy mentioned the contract is ready. Right in the surreptitious deal, it is agreed that Ozzy Osbourne handled the writing of all songs. Jake is not the original writer and cannot as well claim any publishing. In the contract, it also mentioned that Jake cannot claim to have the rights to the music publicly.

While Jake questioned the contact, Sharon admitted that this isn’t the agreement. It is important to know that Ozzy Osbourne already has the tracks of the songs from Jake. This means if Jake did not sign the contract, he will be given a return flight ticket home. Ozzy can now hire another guitarist to redo the tracks Jake already suffered for and nothing will ever go to him. The entire schematics of Sharon sounds mean and if Jake took any action, things may get worse. For this reason, Jake decided not to participate in The Ultimate Sin until a good contract is signed. Jake also mentioned that both publishing and writing credits should be given to him for The Ultimate Sin. Sharon Osbourne took a clever run on Jake Lee at all costs.

Do you know why Jake even agreed to do the recordings before signing a real contract? For one, Jake was on a farm in the middle of Europe recording the tracks.  For this reason, it was easy for Sharon to easily screw him up. Once your tracks are already written, you will not have sufficient bargaining strength. Even when your songs are recorded, they will not have any value to you again. For the music business, this is really a painful experience on Jake E Lee. With Ozzy Osborne, Jake may have appeared on a couple of albums. However, Jake has really supported Sharon score two of the most successful commercial releases. Jake is the backbone of the success of the Ozzy Osbourne’s illustrious and long career.

As a kid, Jake took classical piano courses. Lee received support from his older sister and mixed up with rock record collection. Lee picked up a guitar in his teenage years being influenced by technically and fiery expert players such as Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, and Tommy Bolin. Bark at the Moon remains the first album of Jake with Osbourne. This remains a platinum hit and released that emanated after a mammoth tour. This album confirmed that Lee is one of the best guitarists during his time. In 1985, after another wonderful festival, Osbourne and Jake stopped and immediately started working on the second album.

In 1986, The Ultimate Sin remains Osbourne’s most commercial-striking album of his solo career. This album also moved into another platinum hit for Osbourne and become a sold-out success. In the meantime, both Osbourne and JakeE  Lee fell out behind the scene. This is because Osbourne’s unpredictable behavior caused by drug abuse and alcohol made.  Sharon again screwed Jake and dismissed him in 1987.  Without any iota of doubt, Jake E Lee remains the backbone of Osbourne’s hit albums. Jake is also one of the best guitarists today in the world. Jake E Lee is a natural artist with a good humor of playing the guitar.

Jake E Lee – Ozzy’s Best Guitarist and Why He Should Be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

By Andrew Catania

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – an assuming museum located on the shores of Lake Erie that makes the strongest of men weaken with a burning desire to belong. Legends are made and honored amongst the museum’s four walls, forever etched as the choice of guidance for the generations of musicians to come.

From all the great artists who made it to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, our eyes wander purposely to find one name that lingers in our hearts – Jake E. Lee. The American guitarist who signed with Shrapnel Records and is recognized for playing with Ozzy Osbourne for the four years leading up to 1987 is a name that resonates admiration amongst seasoned guitarists and amateur fans alike.

Inspired by his elder sister’s guitar, Jake E. Lee gave up the classical piano lessons he had been taking since the age of six only to pick up the guitar at 13. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin in his teens – he transformed his classical music knowledge to become a self-taught rock guitarist, highlighting his natural acumen for the instrument.

His talent grew multi-bounds, leading to incidents where Lee had been asked to downplay his skill. In 1980, Lee joined a hard rock band called Mickey Ratt in San Diego that went on to become the popular glam metal band Ratt in Los Angeles under his care. Once he realized that the peak of Ratt’s success had been achieved, he left to join Rough Cutt but was whisked away by Rough Cutt’s producer Ronnie James Dio who invited him to join his new solo band DioRonnie James Dio’s latest venture after leaving Black Sabbath. Lee’s stint at Dio’s band remained short lived due to the fact that Ronnie Dio continued to wish for Lee to play “simple block chords that wouldn’t trample on his vocals”.

The turn of events that took place next defined Lee’s discovery to the path of success. Around the same time as Lee’s departure from Dio, the world-renowned bassist Dana Strum recommended Jake E. Lee as a replacement for the recently deceased Randy Rhoads to Ozzy Osbourne. Torn between Dokken’s George Lynch and Jake E. Lee, Ozzy finally decided on Jake E. Lee despite having initially chosen George Lynch based on Lee’s creativity in technique.

Lee continued to stick by Osbourne, through Osbourne’s substance abuse problems as well as his post-recovery tours up until Lee was unfairly fired by Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne – without any hint at the impending exit.

Shocked but undefeated, Jake E. Lee went on to form his own blues inspired hard rock band Badlands with vocalist Ray Gillen in 1988.  Following the short-term success and end of Badlands, Jake E.Lee continued to make waves in the musical industry. Apart from wishing to keeping a low-key profile between the 1990’s -2000’s, he still appeared on musical tributes to Queen, AC/DC, Rush, Metallica, and others.

There are very few who can boast to have the depth of experience Jake E. Lee has – the man who has been chosen to be their primary one choice by great producers and musicians. His dedication to the art of playing the guitar above the desire to be commercially successful has often buried his true contribution to rock and roll. If there is one name our wandering eyes search for on The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – it’s that of Jake E. Lee.

All That Shreds Exclusive! Ozzy Osbourne’s Upcoming Solo Record – Who Should Take Over the Guitar?

By Andrew Catania

Now that the Black Sabbath band has started wrapping up their music career and the final show has been locked in for February 4th, many of us will mourn not having more from the band. However, this is equally pleasing in tandem, that Ozzy Osbourne, the Madman of Black Sabbath who recently turned 68, hasn’t called it a day yet and says that he’s “currently playing around with some song ideas. I have a few things jotted down, and once Black Sabbath is off the road, I will be heading into the studio with my band to get the songs recorded. Once it’s all in the can, you can be sure to see me back on the road again.”

Sounds cool, right!

So now that the big news is out and has enthralled the crazy global fandom of Ozzy – the ultimate Prince of Darkness, apparently, this has become a topic of hot debate about who will play the guitar on his upcoming solo records.

Considering that the Godfather of Metal has a good record of having paired with the top-notch music virtuosos of their time, including Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, Gus G, Joe Holmes and others, it would surely be interesting to see who the ‘picky’ Ozzy would choose to collaborate with this time around. Rumor has it he’s writing with Steve Stevens but won’t touring with him.   If Gus G doesn’t return, who will be his guitarist? Here are our top picks of potential guitarists likely to pair up with Ozzy for his upcoming record.

  1. Rusty Cooley

Acclaimed for his aesthetic and intricately refined techniques, and rendered as one of the fastest guitarists in the US, Rusty Cooley is a virtuosic name in heavy, progressive and power metal genre. Well-known as the king of shreds, Rusty has been casting a spell through his chords since 1985 and has been associated with the Day of Reckoning, Outworld, Austrian Death Machine, the Rings of Saturn and a number of solos and special performances. He has been called as the ‘Leading Light of Post-Malmsteen Shred-volution’ by the Guitar Player magazine. With Cooley heavily influenced by Rhoads, this would be our logical choice.

  1. Jeff Loomis

Famous and applauded for his soulful contribution to ‘Nevermore’, Jeff Loomis is one of the top-notch names that rule the present-age metal genre. Jeff Loomis has proven his mettle as a lyricist, composer, vocalist, bassist and keyboard, drum and guitar player.

Aside from a number of fruitful associations with Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Fear Tech, Sanctuary, Conquering Dystopia, Experiment Fear, System, and 7 Eyes, Jeff Loomis has skillfully proved his virtuosity in a number of solos that make a strong emblem of his unique classic arpeggios and gradually flowing nuances.

  1. Marty Friedman

Famous for his former association with the heavy metal band Megadeth that ruled the music world for the entire decade of the mighty 90s, Marty Friedman has now become a mega music sensation in Japan.

His shredding techniques and style still carry that vibrant and signature ‘Megadeth’ essence, however, his personal preferences and music taste has drifted towards contemporary and Japanese pop. This has influenced him to evolve as an ecstatic fusion of eastern and western music, punctuated and infused with thrash metal, progressive rock, and neoclassic genres.

  1. Vinnie Moore

Having emerged on the 80s music horizon with his incredible performances in Alice Cooper’sHey Stoopid’, Vinnie Moore has managed to attain the stature of the most influential musicians who defined and shaped the dynamics and tending patterns of the music scene of the 80s and 90s.

Vinnie Moore has had an exciting career from 1986 to date, that is punctuated with his associated acts with UFO, Alice Cooper, Red Zone Rider, along with a number of hit solos records to his name. Vinnie Moore’s style stems from neoclassical metal, heavy metal, hard rock, and instrumental rock genre.

  1. Jacky Vincent

Though making the list of prospected senior guitarists joining Ozzy at the young of 27 is itself a validation of extraordinary talent, yet Jacky Vincent has managed to bag a tremendous applause from the audience’s and critic’s camps alike, becoming one of the most sought-after music celebrity with a number of ambassadorships and endorsements to his name. A former member of Falling in Reverse, Jacky Vincent is currently playing for Cry Venom, casting an ecstatic spell through his speed, accuracy, and ferocious techniques.

The Many Talents of Warren DeMartini

By Andrew Catania

If you don’t recognize Warren DeMartini’s name, maybe you know the nickname Torch, or Ratt, one of the most successful metal bands in the 1980’s. Born on 1963, he soon developed a taste for music, in particular for the guitar.

When he was 15, he bought his electric guitar, and this was when he took his first lesson. Clearly, he had a gift because, not much time after that, he formed his first band – The Plague.


While still in high school he joined different bands, and it was in 1979 that he had his first concert. At only 16 years old, he won the “Best New Guitar Player in San Diego” at Guitar Trader on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

Despite DeMartini, he always kept his music, and different bands close, he still went to college. However, during his first semester, he had the opportunity to work with Mickey Ratt, in Los Angeles. Music has always been his passion, so he dropped everything and went to Los Angeles. At this point, he had no idea Ratt were about to be formed.

Ratt fans simply loved Warren. The way he led the band and he also co-wrote some of the Ratt’s biggest hits like “Dance,” “Lay It Down,” “Round and Round,” and “Way Cool Jr.”  They were a tremendous hit in the 80’s and people still remember them after almost 40 years.

DeMartini’s and Ratt’s fans were very disappointed when the band broke up, and each member followed its direction. In the case of DeMartini, he passed through a couple of groups just before he decided to go solo. He released his work in 1995 and 1996. In the same year, Ratt got back together and still launched two more albums. However, things were not the same neither for the band or the fans. Ratt’s last album, Infestation, was an incredible record.


Warren as a great guitarist continues to go from band to band.  He also took the time to design the Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Snake – Ready to Ratt-n-Roll guitar designed to his exact specifications.

With such a bright future ahead, it’s disappointing how he didn’t have a clear shot in his career. Looking back, the only opportunity he had was when he joined Ratt. However, with all the break-ups and reunifications, Ratt lost their mystic.

Considered by many one of the best guitarists in the world, we truly hope to see more of Warren in the future.


Jake E. Lee – Guitar Legend

By Andrew Catania

If you’re thinking about iconic guitarists, think about Jake E. Lee.  Lee is a famous guitar aficionado who has been imbued with the music business since early childhood. He is known for his amazing guitar work for Ozzy Osbourne from 1983 to 1987 and his work with the Red Dragon Cartel more recently. When you hear him, you’ll know that this master of music is in it to make beautiful sounds and he’s a natural.

Courtesy of Sheryl Chapman

Lee was born on February 15, 1957, to a Welsh father and Japanese mother. They instilled an appreciation of music in him from an early age. His mother was a fan of classical and his father was a jazz fan. Together, this created a real passion for sound and music. Although he was geared towards the piano by his mother, it was clear that he had rock and roll deep in his veins. A curious thing called to him: his sister’s guitar!

He picked up the guitar and immediately was hooked. It was The Who’s “No Time” that he first mastered and performed. Although piano wasn’t his chosen instrument, it did help him to understand the music-making process. He drew from his training on the piano to concentrate on the guitar and how to make it sing. In the end, he proudly developed into a self-trained rock-musician. He played in bands throughout high school and even at that young age was drawing attention due to his already-evident amazing guitar style.

San Diego was the place where Lee started to get into professional guitar playing. He began in a band that called themselves “Teaser” but soon transitioned to a different band by the name of “Mickey Ratt.” Soon after they evolved into just “Ratt.” Lee was a formational part of the glam rock band. Soon he left though and joined “Rough Cutt,” a band that was produced by the legendary Ronnie James Dio. It took just a few listens for Dio to realize Lee’s expertise and he soon asked him to join his band, Dio.

The gig with Dio led to being suggested to Ozzy Osbourne after Randy Rhoads passed away. Lee auditioned and got the gig! From 1982 Lee toured with Osbourne. Along with Bob Daisley, Lee began writing for “Bark at the Moon,” an album that would sell over 3-million copies in the states alone. Much of the music that Lee penned was used for “The Ultimate Sin,” by Osbourne.

Jake moved on to form the band Badlands after his gig with Ozzy ended. Badlands was fronted by Ray Gillen. Ray died of AIDS-related complications in 1993. Jake tried a replacement singer. Things didn’t work out and went off the radar for a long time.

In 2005, Jake released a record called’Retraced.’ In 2007, he released a covers album called ‘Guitar Warrior’ with several special guest vocalists ranging from Stephen Pearcy to Lemmy from Motorhead

In 2012, Jake made a cameo appearance in a Beggars and Thieves video. The response from the video on YouTube made Jake realize that he’s been missed after all of these years. This was the start of the collaboration for Red Dragon Cartel.


One thing you can rely on is that Jake E. Lee will perform and write fantastic music. He has honed his craft carefully throughout the years and is a true guitar legend. If you need proof, just listen to how he can play guitar. Not only will it keep your feet tapping, but you’ll realize that you are truly in the presence of guitar greatness.