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Rusty Cooley’s Day of Reckoning Performs in Florida

By Andrew Catania

Rusty Cooley and Day of Reckoning performed in the Orlando, Florida area last night.  DOR performed the songs from their first EP, Into The Fire Part 1, and played two songs from their forthcoming record, Into The Fire Part 2, should be released in December.

Below is some of their performance from last night’s show.

Displaying IMG_5580.JPG

Displaying IMG_5581.JPG

Day of Reckoning has three headliner shows coming up:

Corpus Christi, TX
San Antonio, TX

For more information or ticket information, please go to www.rustycooley.com

ReverbNation Featured Artist LoNero!

Here’s my first featured artist from my ReverbNation campaign.

In 2008 LoNero released their first CD “Relentless” and coined the genre “Guitarcore.” From that moment on, they have defined what that genre is. Unlike most instrumental artists, who’re songs emphasize solos and arpeggios, LoNero’s music features illustrated verses, choruses, and emphases on melody and structure. Apple and QuickTime did a month-long promo for “Relentless” and helped build LoNero’s fan base from the ground up. This album features the song “Loose” which has been licensed by Discovery Channel, MTV video Music Awards, “That Metal Show,” BBC and much more.

2010 saw the release of “J.F.L.”, a stripped down instrumental rock and roll album produced by Grammy Award winning engineer Michael Rosen. This album had influences of punk with the songs “Fat Tat” and “Good Luck” and was a more straight ahead approach to Guitarcore but still had the definable LoNero sound.

In 2014 LoNero were handpicked by guitar legend Tony MacAlpine to be the primary support for his first solo U.S. tour in 10 years. That tour went so well that LoNero were asked again to be main support on a second U.S. tour in 2015. Traveling from coast to coast and into Mexico, LoNero proved they could hold their own even with the best.

In 2017, LoNero released their most advantageous album to date, “The Defiant Machine.” TDM is a thematic instrumental powerhouse focusing on war throughout the last 100 years. With old speeches from Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and George W. Bush intertwined with piano interludes, blistering guitar harmonies, solos and seamless time changes, TDM is unlike any instrumental album to date. The album features the song “Burning of Ideals (a date which will live in infamy), a 12-minute epic auditory journey. This song was recently chosen to be included in Guitar Player Magazine’s first compilation CD coming out summer of 2017 with distribution and promotion by Universal Music. Rounding out the theme for TDM, all photos for the album artwork were shot aboard the historical and legendary U.S.S. Hornet aircraft carrier. The same ship that recovered the Apollo 11 capsule which carried the first men to walk on the moon and one of the most decorated war vessels to ever sail the seas.

At the end of the day, LoNero is four guys that want to create music their way. Not by following a mold, but by breaking the mold. To harken back to the days when music was a journey and not just a product to sell. When music was the complete package and not just bits and bytes on a computer.

LoNero is:

Bill Lonero – Lead/Rhythm/Harmony Guitars

J.R. Manalili – Rhythm/Harmony/Lead Guitars

Mike McKaigg – Bass

Will Sharman – Drums

LoNero uses: Dunlop, Furman, Vigier, Straptight, EMG and Dr. J pedals


Rusty Cooley – The Leading Light of Post Malmsteen Shredvolution

By Andrew Catania

Rusty Cooley is one of those few names of the metal shredding genre who have proven themselves as an eligible and worthy heir to the legacy of eternal metal legends such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads. An honor and acclaim of this significance never come as complementary though. It should require immense talents, some exceptional command and penchant for non-conformity on a musician’s part to not just make a mark, but a breakthrough to demolish the status quo of the industry.

In the particular realm of rock and metal music sphere, many musicians have emerged since the mighty era of the 1980s, as a likely addition to the genre. Equipped with speed, techniques and making waves with their unique style, some musicians of the modern era of metal are making an encouraging reassurance that the future of the genre is in safe hands. However, among all the shred metal maestros of the modern era, Rusty Cooley’s name rests a par above the rest.

It should cost an exceptional talent, and a massive dose of efforts to a metal musician to be called as the ‘Leading Light of Post-Malmsteen Shredvolution and Rusty Cooley has proven his mettle and expertise to be rendered as worthy of the title. That is not all Rusty Cooley possesses to his claim.

The Leading Light of Post Malmsteen Shredvolution is also known as ‘The Master Shredder’ and as one of ‘The Fastest Guitarists in the World.’ All these titles and awards and that too at the age of 47 tell a lot about the strength, status and the credibility of a musician like Rusty.

Rusty Cooley

Completely owning the genre that brought him this fame, Rusty has not only contributed to the progress of the genre, he has also been imparting his acumen and expertise for the benefit of the current and coming generations of metal musicians.

Rusty playing technique is pure and highly refined. His tones are well-structured, finely articulated to the core and stands a class apart regarding the flow, speed, depth, nuances and versatility. It is interesting to note that these unique attributes that have become his signature characteristics primarily stem from his self-taught learning approach.

Rusty Cooley was never satisfied in learning from the instructors and opted instead for his high road. Plunging headlong in the pursuit of his passion, Rusty tried his hands on a variety of instruments, playing styles, techniques, and that too in a multitude of genres and sub-genres.

This extensive learning has allowed him to build a strong grasp of rock and metal music. Being well-versed with the tact and intricacies of the chords, it has become a cake walk for him to squeeze out tones, with extreme clarity, exuberant audacity and at an extreme speed.

Talking about his ideals and role models, Rusty claims to be inspired by some eminent musicians of the 1970s and 1980s decade. Some of his prime influences and inspirations include prominent names such as Vinnie Moore, Randy Rhoads, Tony McAlpine, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and of course, Yngwie Malmsteen.

Follow Rusty @ http://rustycooley.com/

All That Shreds New Logo!

By Andrew Catania

When I was looking at changing my logo, I wanted to feature a guitar that was different and had great looks.  I choose the Dean Guitars USA Rusty Cooley Limited Edition RC8 with fanned frets.

Rusty’s dedication to the fretboard and his amazing playing had a lot to do with incorporating his guitar into my new logo.

Check out Rusty’s Signature Series Guitars from Dean.  They’re made to Rusty’s demanding specifications for superior playing.  All of Rusty’s Signature Series Guitars are made to his specifications.

All That Shreds is proud to feature the 7 and 8 string dominator Rusty Cooley’s Signature Series Guitars made by Dean in our logo.  For information on Dean Guitars and the Rusty Cooley Signature Series, please visit http://www.deanguitars.com/artist?uid=98 and http://www.deanguitars.com


What Makes Alexandra Zerner So Talented?

By Andrew Catania

Alexandra Zerner is one of the renowned musical moguls in the Bulgarian musical industry; one cannot talk Bulgarian music without talking of Alexandra Zerner.

She was Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Alexandra Zerner who is a solo artist, a guitar player, numerous instrumental player and a composer as well. She has been able to take part as a sessional musical, sound technician and a guitar lecturer since the year 2001.

In 2013, she took part as a guest musical artist to the album by the name ’Thoughtscanning” from the band We All Die (Laughing). In January 2014, she started on her solo career path as a guitar player, she worked on her solo album by the name –9 Stories which was out on November 19, 2014.  it was able to receive positive response in the musical industry market

In 2015, she was called by Déhà Amsg to be a part of the Post-Rock-Ambient production by the name “Aurora Borealis ”, where they all together worked on the album by the name ’Path To Atlas”. This was released onNovember 20, 2015.

Since September 2014, she was part of the- worldwide “Another Destiny Project” as a leading guitarist. In October 2014, Alexandra Zerner was already in the 15th number of Hard Rock and Metal Female Guitarist player list by Metalholic web page

In  2015, Alexandra started working on her number second solo album, going by the name –Aspects which was released on December 22, 2015.  it took the musical industry by storm it did so well.

Meanwhile, she was named by Jason Becker in October 2015 series of Guitar Player publication, along with Jeff Loomis, concerning her cover of Jason Becker’s classic- Perpetual Burn.

In January 2016, Alexandra began competing in projects like –Vivaldi Metals Projects as a leading guitarist. Since February 2016, she has been able to work with a band to showcase her albums lively, while she was also working on her number third solo album, which she believes will be released in 2018.

In August 2016, Alexandra Zerner was able to win herself Nili Brosh’s – Matter of Perception- Melody Competition, competing against many guitarists from different countries all over the world. She was named by a number of guitarist greats – Nili Brosh, Greg Howe, Jason Becker, and Marco Sfogli, and she was awarded the EMG endorsement award.

In October 2016, Alexandra was able to be highlighted  Shredder of the Month title at All That Shreds website.

In the same year- November 7th, 2016 she and her band we able to perform as a supportive act for the Stu Hamm and Greg Howe in her country Sofia, Bulgaria.

Few days after, on November 11th, Alexandra Zerner was able to releases her acoustic E.P, which she called –An Evening Walk which also did very well in the Bulgarian musical industry and the general world.

Alexandra was also named one of the top 10 female shredders by All That Shreds.

Alexandra’s playing will be demanded across the globe!

Guitar Whiz Jeff Loomis

By Andrew Catania

It took only a year of serious training before Jeff Loomis won Wisconsin’s Guitar Wars contest at the age of 16. Although Loomis got his first guitar when he was around nine years old, he only started practicing with passionately at 15.

Today, Loomis is an American guitarist who has become famous globally for his skills as a former lead guitarist for Nevermore -a progressive metal band that he was a part of from 1994 to 2011.

As a young teen, Loomis took inspiration from great artists like Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Brian May. Before finding a career in music, he drifted from one cover band to another and played with three death metal bands before joining more established bands.

After his victory in Wisconsin, Loomis took the plunge and auditioned to be the lead guitarist for the iconic thrash metal band, Megadeth. To his disappointment, he was told that one day he would make a great guitarist, however, was far too young for the band as a sixteen-year-old. In 2005, the prediction came true in a surreal manner when Megadeth invited Loomis to come join them as a lead guitarist. However, Jeff declined in order to continue working on his solo album.

His path to success was not direct. After playing with numerous unknown bands and being rejected by Megadeth at 16, he refused to accept rejection and joined Sanctuary in 1990. To his disappointment, Sanctuary broke up 4 months later due to differences with the record company representing them. Starting in 1991, he spent three years conceptualizing a new band called Nevermore with some of the former members of Sanctuary. At last, he was rightly offered the lead guitar position in Nevermore in 1994.

Not only was Loomis the main songwriter for Nevermore, but he also set the precedence for the sound Nevermore adopted as a signature sound using 7 string guitars that are still being used till date. On April 21, 2011, he and Van Williams left Nevermore, citing personal and musical differences with Warrel Dane.

During his time with Nevermore, Loomis often focused on personal growth. For example, Loomis took some time off in 2005 during which he decided to record a solo album, stating, “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time… It will be like a Jason Becker/Marty Friedman kind of thing.”

The solo album, titled Zero Order Phase was released in 2008, featuring guest solos from Ron Jarzombek and Pat O’Brien amongst other artists.

Since leaving Nevermore, it was announced that Loomis joined melodic death metal band – Arch Enemy – on November 17th, 2014. Arch Enemy will be releasing a live DVD/CD on March 31st, 2017.  Arch Enemy is also working on a new record. With Loomis as an integral member of the band – we can only hold our breaths till we can catch hold of the teaser because we’re sure it’ll be legendary.

Rusty Cooley and Day of Reckoning: Overlooked and Utterly Brilliant

By Andrew Catania

To truly become an expert in a field, it is said that one must practice 10,000 hours of their skill or art. With his early start in life and dedicated approach to playing guitar, it is no surprise that Rusty has been recognized as one of the most skilled guitarists in the contemporary world.

Cooley first picked up a guitar at the age of 15 and fell in love with it. Although he took a few lessons from local guitar instructors and practiced more than four hours a day, he soon realized that the instructors were a waste of time. He focused on a self-learning approach and is today known to be one of the fastest guitarists in the United States and an in icon in the shredding technique of guitar playing.

Since his third year of playing, Rusty himself went into teaching to overcome the mediocre standard of teachers available for learners. In 2003, he released a self-titled album called “Rusty Cooley”. He overlooked the production and collaborated with extraordinary talents to create the music.

Recently, Cooley is working with a new band – Day of Reckoning, which was formed in 2010.

On November 21st,2015, the band released hard copies of their album “Into the Fire,” in two parts and each featured 5 groundbreaking tracks. While the band and Cooley are not mainstream or commercially popular, his technical skill and ability have earned him the title of being “the leading light of the post-Malmsteen shred-volution,” by Guitar Player Magazine. He has released 4 albums, has appeared as a guest guitarist in 7 albums released by incredible bands such as All Shall Perish, Austrian Death Machine, and Rings of Satum.

A true-blue musician, Cooley exemplifies the real meaning of music and is an icon for guitar learners. His free online tutorials inspire millions to follow his instructions and he is inspiring a whole generation of guitarists to learn from his techniques – creating nothing short of a legendary cult following for Rusty Cooley.

Underrated and left sidetracked, Day of Reckoning is that one rare golden bird hidden away under the debris of dust in a forgotten, overcrowded thrift store. It is Cooley’s incredible technique that has led to the metal and rock world raving about Rusty and his new band. It is also Cooley’s technique that has led to Mark Tremonti from the iconic band Creed to state that Day of Reckoning’s new single is “brutal without losing its solid melodic core.”

Day of Reckoning is a legend in the making – if only people were more aware of its existence. I urge everyone to look under that dusty shelf to find yourself a golden bird you’d never wish for to fly away.







Review: Rusty Cooley’s Band Day of Reckoning Into the Fire Part 1

By Andrew Catania

What happens when you take World Renowned legendary Guitarist Rusty Cooley, a powerhouse Drummer from India named Jared Sandhy, Singer/Producer/Screamer Brad Lambert , Ace Guitarist Matt Hough, Bassist Sherman Clark and put them together?  You have Day of Reckoning.  Day of Reckoning was formed by Rusty Cooley after his last band, Outworld had disbanded.  Into the Fire Part 1 displays Rusty Cooley’s superior guitar playing.  Not finding a drummer up to his expectations, Rusty had to reach internationally to find the talent that is Jared Sandhy.  Into the Fire Part 1 is a 5 song EP that starts right out of the box with in your face blistering vocals of Brad Lambert.  Lambert shines throughout this 5 song EP.  His screaming and melodic singing are outstanding to say the least.  You can hear Jared Sandhy’s drumming as the reason Cooley sought him out thousands of miles away.  Sherman Clark and Matt Hough contributed their guitar and bass lines that make you break out the air instruments and rock along.  While the music charts are filled with garbage, autotuned, pussnuts, lip synching, no talented artists, Into the Fire Part 1 hits you with musicianship that people would dream of.  Don’t believe me? Read what some of the top shredders have to say!

Photo by Wilkinson Image & Design
Photo by Wilkinson Image & Design
Image by Wilkinson Image & Design


“Wow! Amazing Rusty! You’re one sick MoFo! Just super crazy shred bro. Awesome! The new “Day Of Reckoning” sounds great! Rusty’s playing is just insanely over the top and he continues to show the world that super-shred is not dead!” John Petrucci – Dream Theater

“Be sure to check out Day Of Reckoning’s new single, it’s brutal without losing its solid melodic core.” Mark Tremonti

“Dude this is badass. It’s refreshingly METAL, heavy chunky guitars, mean riffs, violent drums… that solo section in the bridge is pants-shittingly cool too. Burly as all hell. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!” Dave Lizzio Non Point

“Left to Follow – what a kick ass Fun Rocking song! Mad Energy for days, and instantly catchy in all the right ways.  The musicianship is impeccable,And full of fire. This tune was so much high energy Metal fun that I nearly forgot it was undoubtedly going to have a guitar solo. And what a fucking explosion – HOLY FUCKING SHIT.  Completely over the top shredding – enough guitar insanity to melt even the most jaded of faces, even after repeated listening’s. Day of Reckoning is UNDENIABLE. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the CD.” Karl Sanders Nile

“There are very few guitarists that can shred with razor-like precision and taste; Rusty Cooley is one of those guitarists.” Paul Riario, Technical Editor, GUITAR WORLD MAGAZINE

“Just listened to your song several times fucking awesome! Seriously. The song is brutal your singer is great! A perfect fit for your music your solo was amazing too! Killer diminished arps and everything before and after that. Congrats!” Michael Angelo Batio

“Fucking Ripping” Phil Demmel – Machine Head

“Day of Reckoning just blew my brains out! Great songwriting-great performance-great production and very INTENSE music!!! These are the elements that make you wanna check a band out, but if you add Rusty Colley in those elements then you need to check them RIGHT NOW! GREAT stuff!!!!” – George Kollias

“A crushing blend of fury and technicality. Stunningly modern and completely unapologetically american sounding. Rusty’s playing is next level and sure enough to have your ears bleeding after one listen.” Mike Schleibaum, Darkest Hour

“Left to Follow from Day of Reckoning is the perfection of 7 string, fast, technical, catchy and punishing metal.” – Jacky Vincent

“Left To Follow” is viciously heavy and intense! Great hook in the chorus. Smokin’ hot solo and searing tones throughout! Day Of Reckoning is well worth the wait!” – Dave Reffett (Guitarworld.com, Revolver.com, Guitaraficionado.com, Solo Artist, Dangerous Guitar, Shredding The Envelope) 

“Over the top guitar playing with absolute fire. No surprise it’s Rusty Cooely. I’ve known how incredible and dedicated he’s been for some time, now the world can hear for themselves..” Marzi Montazeri

“Rusty Cooley’s Day Of Reckoning. melodic yet punishing, this collects the elements of all the greats into a single package. A modern masterpiece from a true metal master.” Matt Bachand Shadows Fall

“Don’t let the classy somgwriting, the solid production and awesome vocals fool you – Rusty’s stellar guitar work is the star of this show! Listen at your own peril – this is bound to melt your face” Per Nilsson Scar Symmetry

You think metal and shredding are dead? Don’t be a pussy and order Into the Fire Part 1.  Metal and shredding are alive and well!

Available at ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other online music sites.

Cooley and company are hard at work on Into the Fire Part 2!

Follow Day of Reckoning www.dayofreckoningmetal.com https://www.facebook.com/dayofreckoningmetal/