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The Versatility of Alexandra Zerner

By Andrew Catania

Talk about the versatility of playing skills, and you get Alexandra Zerner!

A skilled musician, a master instructor, an expert acoustics engineer, a multi-instrumentalist and a brilliant player in solo and team capacities alike – Alexandra Zerner is a name that has created waves in the metal music world in a short span of time.

Born on December 26th, in Bulgaria, Alexandra Zerner possessed a natural affinity towards music since early childhood. Testing her mettle on a variety of instruments and tasting the essence of a host of genres, it took her a while to realize her passion for rock and heavy metal genre. Unlike many of her contemporaries, she possesses a more enhanced technical acumen about instruments as well as the various styles of playing. Over the course of time, she has acquired an extensive experience that has refined her skills and evolved her signature playing.

Alexandra Zerner tones are neat and crisp with a spellbinding audacity. Primarily inclined towards progressive metal instrumentals, Alexandra likes to infuse a multitude of elements to create a unique matrix for her tones. Her specialty stems from eclectic and contradictory items that she skillfully combines to create one masterpiece of a tone. Aside from that, she experiments with creating fusion instrumentals, combining the essence of low-pitched metal riffs with the gypsy components of jazz. Her grooves, an exquisite fusion of melodic numbers with classic chords, is a thing no less than a pure musical ecstasy.

Alexandra Zerner started her career, in 2001, as a player, composer, and instructor, all at the same time. She has established a credible name in the metal music sphere through her mind blowing performances since. Aside from strengthening her repute in the solo playing capacity, Alexandra Zerner’s profile also entails numerous partnerships and guest appearances. She has played in the lead role for We All Die Laughing’s debut album titled ‘Thoughtscanning.’

Aside from that, she has collaborated with Deha Amsg for ‘Aurora Borealis’ and ‘The Path to Atlas.’ She is the lead guitarist for global ‘Another Disney Project’ and is also contributing her skills for ‘Vivaldi Metal Project’ since January 2016.

She took part in ‘A Matter of Perception,’ a global musical contest held by Nili Brosh. The jury panel comprised of distinguished names such as Jason Becker, Marco Sfogli, Nili Brosh and Greg Howe declared Alexandra the best among all contestants from across the globe.

Aside from the guest appearances and partnerships, Alexandra has also established a sound solo profile. Her debut solo album, ‘9 Stories’ was launched on November 19th, 2014 and was highly praised by the critics and metal enthusiasts alike. Her second album titled ‘Aspects’ came out the very next year. At present, she is working on her third album which will likely be released by the end of 2018.

Alexandra holds an EMG pickup endorsement to her claim. She has been declared as one of the Top 15 Hard Rock and Metal Female Guitar Shredders Ranking issued by the Metaholic.  Alexandra mentions Antonio Vivaldi, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Django Reinhardt, Tony McAlpine, JS Bach and Yngwie Malmsteen as her primary influences and all-times favorite musicians.

What Makes Alexandra Zerner So Talented?

By Andrew Catania

Alexandra Zerner is one of the renowned musical moguls in the Bulgarian musical industry; one cannot talk Bulgarian music without talking of Alexandra Zerner.

She was Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Alexandra Zerner who is a solo artist, a guitar player, numerous instrumental player and a composer as well. She has been able to take part as a sessional musical, sound technician and a guitar lecturer since the year 2001.

In 2013, she took part as a guest musical artist to the album by the name ’Thoughtscanning” from the band We All Die (Laughing). In January 2014, she started on her solo career path as a guitar player, she worked on her solo album by the name –9 Stories which was out on November 19, 2014.  it was able to receive positive response in the musical industry market

In 2015, she was called by Déhà Amsg to be a part of the Post-Rock-Ambient production by the name “Aurora Borealis ”, where they all together worked on the album by the name ’Path To Atlas”. This was released onNovember 20, 2015.

Since September 2014, she was part of the- worldwide “Another Destiny Project” as a leading guitarist. In October 2014, Alexandra Zerner was already in the 15th number of Hard Rock and Metal Female Guitarist player list by Metalholic web page

In  2015, Alexandra started working on her number second solo album, going by the name –Aspects which was released on December 22, 2015.  it took the musical industry by storm it did so well.

Meanwhile, she was named by Jason Becker in October 2015 series of Guitar Player publication, along with Jeff Loomis, concerning her cover of Jason Becker’s classic- Perpetual Burn.

In January 2016, Alexandra began competing in projects like –Vivaldi Metals Projects as a leading guitarist. Since February 2016, she has been able to work with a band to showcase her albums lively, while she was also working on her number third solo album, which she believes will be released in 2018.

In August 2016, Alexandra Zerner was able to win herself Nili Brosh’s – Matter of Perception- Melody Competition, competing against many guitarists from different countries all over the world. She was named by a number of guitarist greats – Nili Brosh, Greg Howe, Jason Becker, and Marco Sfogli, and she was awarded the EMG endorsement award.

In October 2016, Alexandra was able to be highlighted  Shredder of the Month title at All That Shreds website.

In the same year- November 7th, 2016 she and her band we able to perform as a supportive act for the Stu Hamm and Greg Howe in her country Sofia, Bulgaria.

Few days after, on November 11th, Alexandra Zerner was able to releases her acoustic E.P, which she called –An Evening Walk which also did very well in the Bulgarian musical industry and the general world.

Alexandra was also named one of the top 10 female shredders by All That Shreds.

Alexandra’s playing will be demanded across the globe!

All That Shreds List of the Top Ten Female Shredders!

By Andrew Catania

There are so many talented female guitarists out there it was hard to choose the top 10.  I watched countless hours of YouTube videos, watching these ladies tone, technique, skill, and playing.  This is my top ten female shredders.  Most of these ladies are more than just shredders.  They’re overall extremely talented guitarists that can play any genre!

  1. Gretchen Menn.   Gretchen tops this list for her incredible talent.  Gretchen has a beautiful feel for the instrument.  Her cover of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli’s “Minor Swing” is out of this world.  She uses her guitar talents on a daily basis practicing her favorite artists. Gretchen held a BA in Music and studied classical guitar and composition.  She’s a talented player in Zepparella.  She released her first solo album in 2011 titled “Hale Souls.”  Her 2016 release, “Abandon All Hope,” is phenomenal.  Gretchen can shred and play any other genre with ease.  She has played with some of the all-time greats in her career.
  2. Nili Brosh.  Nili has a sound technique.  Playing with the likes of Tony MacAlpine, Nili has to be an excellent player.  Born in Boston. MA she studied music at Berklee College of Music. She has self-released an album in 2010 “Through The Looking Glass” an instrumental album. In 2011 she joined the metal band Seven the Hardway. In 2013 she joined the Ethan Brosh band as the second guitarist, August 2012 she joined Tony MacAlpine for the Maximum Security tour.  Nili also released her latest record, A Matter of Perception in 2014.
  3. Alexandra Zerner.  Bulgarian guitarist who is a session musician, sound engineer, composer and teacher. She is a solo artist and the lead in Another Destiny Project since Sept 2014. In 2016 she started playing with “Vivaldi Metal Project.” She is also ranked in the top 15 guitar shredders by Metalholic.com.
  4. Tina S.  17-year-old French guitarist is into heavy metal, and her latest exhibition is shredding “Beethoven’s Midnight Sonata” She has done previous videos of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” Jason Becker’s “Altitudes” and Dragon Force Z’s.  Tina has a bright future ahead of her where I hope we can hear some original material from her.
  5. Courtney Cox.  “CC Shred” can play the strings off the fretboard.  Courtney was in a female fronted band called Queen Diamond before her current gig with the Iron Maidens.  Courtney has proving she has the talent and skill to play anything.  I hope Courtney puts out some original material so all of us could enjoy her dedication to the guitar!
  6. Nikki Stringfield.  Strings are the other  1/2 of the female tribute band The Iron Maidens.  Schecter Guitars endorse this college educated Texas native.   Like Courtney, Strings can tear down the house with her playing.  I’m hopeful Strings can get out of the shadow of tribute bands and start recording original material.
  7. Jennifer Batten. Jennifer was hired by Michael Jackson in 1987.  She was a guitarist for his upcoming tour “Bad” she worked with him for 18 months, then off and on through the years. In 1998, she joined Jeff Beck’s backing band. Staying with Beck, she has played on 1999’s “Who Else!” And 2001’s” You Had It Coming” albums and several tours.  Jennifer continues to dominate the fretboard and tour with the likes of Uli Jon Roth and Andy Timmons.
  8. Orianthi.  This Australian born female guitarist has plenty to her credit. Her music has been on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2010, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and other shows where her guitar can be heard. She was the last guitarist to work with Michael Jackson on the “This Is It” production.  She’s currently working with Ritchie Sambora.
  9. Lita Ford English-born American, she was a guitarist/vocalist with “The Runaways” in the late 70s. She embarked on a solo career in the 80s to 1985 that debuted with a solo album “Out For Blood” in 1983 and then a second in 1984 “Dancin on the Edge” her solo efforts gained moderate success. She had done songs with Ozzie Osbourne and went on hiatus when she moved to the islands with her then husband, Jim Gillette.  Lita came back and has released solo releases lately that have been produced by Gary Hoey.
  10. Sarah Longfield is a guitarist from Madison WI. She plays various musical styles from progressive to experimental sounds. The band she plays with is called The Fine Constant. She composes, records, and mixes her music for the band and her solo endeavors.

Congratulations to these talented guitarists for their dedication to the guitar!  Please check out each guitarist’s respective websites: