August 8, 2022
Sweden’s Corroded Brings “Bitter’ To A New Level

By Allyson Kingsley

I don’t know about you readers out there but goddamn I love the music I hear from Sweden (among other things). I often wonder if the environment has its effect on the creative factor of the music that pours out from there. Corroded is a massively heavy metal engine that churned out their 2nd album with Despotz Records entitled Bitter on January 25th. Corroded have performed at Sabaton Open Air Festival, Skogsröjet, and the Sweden Rock Fest, among others. 

Sweden’s Corroded Brings “Bitter’ To A New Level

Bitter, overall has many twists and turns but are unapologetically traditional hard rock. You will not hear frills nor filler. “Cross” and “Burn” for example, have modest heavy beats but sound so good in their simplicity.  Corroded have an album of well written and produced tracks that clearly display a lot of seriousness and professionalism poured all over them. You will hear an almost unnerving edge on such songs as “Destruction” and “Testament”; an edge that will lead you to that inevitable path of wildness.

Corroded is:

Jens Westlin- vocalist

Thomas Andersson- guitarist

Bjarne Elvsgård-bassist

Per Soläng- drummer






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