Suicidal Angels Deliver With Years Of Aggression

By Allyson Kingsley

Greek thrash metal giants Suicidal Angels return after three years with their latest album Years of Aggression. This album follows 2016’s Division of Blood. I have to admit it has just been recently in the last few years of doing album reviews that I have ventured into other locations around the world to discover new thrash metal bands. And within that discovery, I often come upon those that have existed for quite some time but remain obscure to this side of the water. Suicidal Angels formed in 2001 by founding member, guitarist and singer Nick Melissourgos at the age of 16. After several albums, multiple tours, and festival performances, Suicidal Angels continue to bring aggression and technicality in equal measure, tearing your face off in one moment and blowing your mind with wild fret-board shredding the next. 

  We are thrown headlong and headbanging into the first song “Endless War” and however you take the battle-ready track, you can’t help but think that indeed the world is certainly amidst an endless war. “Born of Hate” weaved me into its web with its ascending riffs and speed. Title track “Years of Aggression” sounds like layers of that traditional heavy metal sound that is both classic and timeless and beloved by all metalheads no matter your choice of genre. Indeed Suicidal Angels have not slowed down on their aggression.  My choice pick is “Bloody Ground”. I love the almost eerie guitar intro and for whatever reason, it captured me sounding like a cleaner version of Amon Amarth. “The Roof of Rats” is another standout on the album and harkens to Helloween and Overkill.  We finish with “The Sacred Dance with Chaos” and in the middle of the song, we get a surprise touch of this progressive and folk melody which embellish the weeping leads and emotive chords that tie Years of Aggression together with a terrific sense of narrative finality.

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