Steve Vai To Release Blu-Ray Stillness In Motion September 13 – 3 1/2 Hour “The Space Between The Notes”

Steve Vai has announced the release of STILLNESS IN MOTION on September 13 via his record label Light Without Heat, distributed by The Orchard. Initially, a DVD capturing Vai’s performance at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on October 12, 2012, was issued by Sony but it was not available on the Blu-Ray format. This deluxe package will be available on 2-Blu-Ray disks, with two CDs that contain the live music release from the performance. The pre-order goes live today and can be ordered here: https://www.stevevaistore.com/products/stillness-in-motion-bundle. The Blu-Ray is priced at $39.98, while a limited-edition bundle containing the Blu-Ray, a bottle of “Stillness in Motion” hot sauce, a “Stillness in Motion” t-shirt, and commemorative Stillness guitar pick is priced at $59.98.  Following the pre-order, both the t-shirt and hot sauce will be available for individual purchase.

Pre-Order Here: https://www.stevevaistore.com/products/stillness-in-motion-bundle

One of the Blu-Ray disks contains the bonus material titled THE SPACE BETWEEN THE NOTES (Tour Mischief). It’s an intimate and at times hysterically edited video diary comprised of more than three and a half hours of footage filmed around The World on-stage, off-stage, and behind-the-scenes during the World tour. This specific concert captured was the 49th show of the aforementioned global excursion that consisted of 253 engagements in over 52 countries.

In reflecting on this period of his life, and his global travels circa Stillness In Motion, Steve Vai offers, “Making records, performing and touring live is what I love to do most in this life. This Blu-Ray performance and tour bonus footage was culled from the “Story of Light” tour in support of that CD release. The tour was comprehensive and perhaps my favorite tour as of yet. To be with that band and those fans traveling to all those exotic locations represents a period of my life where I feel I was peaking both on a performance level and pure tour exhilaration. ‘The Space Between the Notes’ has over 3.5 hours of on-and-offstage ‘B-roll’ footage that has every stop along the way represented somehow. The compiling, editing, and result of ‘The Space Between the Notes’ is a career highlight for me. It’s interesting, funny, entertaining, and informative. You get to see what touring the world with a rock band is really like in all its emotional and intimate expressions.”

The complete track listing features:

Disc 1 – DVD or Blu-Ray [2:36:08 Run Time]
1. Intro/Racing the World
2. Velorum
3. Band Intros
4. Building the Church
5. Tender Surrender
6. Gravity Storm
7. The Trillium’s Launch
8. Weeping China Doll
9. John the Revelator
10. The Moon and I
11. The Animal
12. Whispering a Prayer
13. The Audience Is Listening
14. Where Are We
15. Rescue Me or Bury Me
16. Sisters
17. Treasure Island
18. Beastly Rap
19. Salamanders In the Sun
20. Pusa Road
21. Earthquake Sky, Drum Solo
22. I’m Tired
23. The Ultra Zone
24. Frank
25. Build Me a Song L.A.
26. For the Love of God
27. Taurus Bulba
Disc 2 – DVD or Blu-Ray
Story of Light Tour: The Space Between the Notes (Tour Mischief) [3:32:52 Run Time]
1. Leg 1 (Rehearsals/USA)
2. Leg 2 (Europe/Eastern Europe)
3. Leg 3 (Vegas/Netherlands/Russia/Ukraine/Europe)
4. Leg 4 (Australia/NZ/Indonesia/China/S. Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Thailand)
5. Leg 5 (Europe…again)
6. Leg 6 (USA…again)
7. Leg 7 (Mexico/South America/China)
8. Leg 8 (Vegas/Singapore/Malaysia/Israel/Europe/Russia/Ukraine)
9. Leg 9 (USA/St. Barths/Japan/France/Poland)

Audio CDs:

Disc 1
1. Intro/Racing the World
2. Velorum
3. Band Intros
4. Building the Church
5. Tender Surrender
6. Gravity Storm
7. Weeping China Doll
8. John the Revelator
9. The Moon and I
10. The Animal
11. Whispering a Prayer

Disc 2
1. The Audience Is Listening
2. Rescue Me or Bury Me
3. Sisters
4. Treasure Island
5. Salamanders In the Sun
6. Pusa Road
7. Frank
8. The Ultra Zone (CD Version)
9. Build Me a Song L.A.
10. For The Love of God
11. Taurus Bulba

Earlier this year, Vai released two titles. First, his inaugural music theory book via publisher Hal Leonard. Titled Vaideology: Basic Music Theory for Guitar Players, the enormous effort was designed to help both beginners and veteran guitar players.  At the time he shared, “One of the questions that aspiring guitar players usually ask me is, how much music theory do I need to know, and is it necessary? My answer is usually, “You don’t need to understand music theory at all to be an effective player, but it will always help to at least understand the basics.” So, I wrote a book that I believe contains the basics of music theory that can aid the student to be musically literate, and perhaps much more.” Simultaneously, he released a collaboration with pianist Miho Arai titled PIANO REDUCTIONS VOL. 2., offering, “I had seen video clips that Miho had made of her performing some of my songs on the solo piano from her home on an electric keyboard, and I was blown away. I contacted her and asked if she would be interested in recording this record. Based on the fact that she had my Vai logo tattooed on her neck, I assumed she would be interested in this project, and she was! I choose the songs, and over a 3-4 year period, we would go into Ocean Way studios and record a few tracks at a time. It was obvious to me that she is a completely thoroughly trained musician and piano virtuoso. Her command of the instrument is stunning, and she took these songs and found all the little golden nuggets within them. She is an inspired player, and I feel great appreciation for the way she respected, arranged, and performed these tracks.”  To hear music and read more: https://www.vai.com/pianoreductionsvol2/.

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