August 9, 2022
Stallion Releases A Killer Album With "Slaves Of Time"

By Allyson Kingsley

Stallion has proved themselves to be a wonderful kickass break from my usual menu of death and black metal. They are considered a German speed metal band and the musicians are Pauly (vocals), Christian (bass), Clode (guitar), Åxxl (guitar) and Aaron (drums). They formed in 2013 and have had two previous EPs,  Mounting the World (2013) and 24/7 (2014) as well as two full-lengths Rise and Ride (2014) and From the Dead (2017). Have a good listen to these past revelations as they are equally good fun as their newest release Slaves of Time. I would not venture to say that Stallion strictly bases their music on the classic 80s speed metal genre but also they dance along with sleaze/glam and an NWOBHM style as well. 

  “Waking the Demons” starts us off with raw guitar textures. Rather than sticking to simplistic song structures, the musicians weave unexpected transitions and movements into their compositions. Add Pauly’s vocal style that is similar to King Diamond or even Rob Halford and you get an enjoyable listening experience. “No Mercy” bears a heavy thrash influence while “Time to Reload” steers with a  more traditional 80s metal. A lot of these tracks had me visualizing the halcyon days where metal was fun, when Ratt, Helloween and the like ruled the roost.

  Midway in the album is a surprising ballad, “Die With Me”, that is not cheesy at all. His gravelly vocals remain energetic as well as emotive and the somber riffs add a beautiful dimension.

  It was good to traverse Slaves of Time as Stallion is indeed remarkably competent in capturing a more jovial time period of heavy metal.

Stallion Releases A Killer Album With "Slaves Of Time"






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