Source: California Attorney General’s Office Investigating TTM Guitars & Lance Benedict; WA State Officials Want Answers

Sources within California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office have confirmed to All That Shreds that the AG’s office has opened an investigation into Lance Benedict and TTM Guitars, Benedict, who is also currently under investigation for his unauthorized TTM Guitars franchise offerings recently told the State of Washington Division of Financial Securities that TTM Guitars, LLC. was closing for business effective August 1st, 2019.  Immediately after those statements to officials, Benedict made a public announcement that not only is he not closing, but he’s also going to be expanding into other musical products such as drums and pro-audio.

Benedict announcing to his group that he isn’t closing will expand his musical products line and continue to offer franchise opportunities, all in spite of Washington State officials warning him to discontinue his illegal activities.

Back on July 23, 2019, Benedict sent an email to Washington State officials assuring them there was no TTM Guitars, LLC Franchise happening in their state that it fell through and he was closing effective 8/1.

Email to Washington State Officials from Lance Benedict saying he was closing 8/1/2019

August 1st, 2019 has come and gone all the while Benedict announced he was expanding his product offering.  His Washington State Franchise owners, John Hussey IV and his brother, Chris, announced that there was in fact a Washington State Franchise, it wasn’t closing and they were courting potential clients in Washington State.

The Hussey Brothers assuring people the WA State Franchise is open and not closing even though Lance Benedict told State Officials he was closing 8/1

The Washington State Division Of Securities receiving his email and confirming the TTM Guitars Washington State Franchise website is still open, sent a letter to Mr. Benedict asking him to confirm who the owners are and how long the website has been operational.

From the above posts, it’s very apparent that Mr. Benedict never had thoughts of closing TTM Guitars or stop pursuing its illegal franchise activities.  State Officials have asked for clarification about what will happen with his company and will eventually ask why he told them he said they’re closing.

TTM Guitars Washington State Franchise Co-Owner Chris Hussey

This brings us to Benedict’s TTM Guitars business operations in California.   Keep in mind that Lance Benedict nor TTM Guitars are not properly licensed to operate, open or create any franchises in the State Of California according to the State of California Department of Business Oversight.  He isn’t licensed in the State of Washington either.  Exactly who are the TTM Guitars California franchise owners that are operating illegally?

Meet Mike Lucero and Curtis Berry.  It is well documented on Benedict’s social media that these two gentlemen operate a California “franchise” of TTM Guitars.


California law states:

In 1970, the California Legislature enacted one of the first franchise disclosure laws in the country. The Franchise Investment Law requires franchisors to register with the Department before offering and selling franchises in California.

The Franchise Investment Law also requires that registration disclosure documents and final franchise agreements be provided to prospective franchisees at least fourteen days before the sale of a franchise. The purpose of the pre-sale disclosure is to provide, fully and truthfully, material information about the franchisor and its franchise offering to the prospective franchisee, prior to the prospective franchisee

To what extent is Lucero’s and Berry’s knowledge of their operating an illegal unlicensed franchise in California is unknown.  We will keep you updated on any developments.

If you’ve been a victim of Lance Benedict and TTM Guitars, please visit the following links:

State of California Department of Labor File A Wage Complaint

The United States Postal Inspection Service Complaint About Cyber Crime And Mail Fraud

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center

State of California Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Complaint

The Postal Inspection Service can assist if you’ve received a guitar from TTM Guitars that wasn’t as described or what you ordered.    All PayPal transactions only have a 180-day window to file a complaint.  Most credit card companies only allow a 60-day window.  Be sure to ask your bank what your recourse is if you’ve been a victim.

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