Soulfly’s Marc Rizzo Is Ready To Release His Solo Album “Rotation”

By Andrew Catania

Young, talented, superhuman, the next age music sensation, Marc Rizzo, has managed to make himself a household name at the young age of 27, with a myriad of music awards and accolades to his name, and begging in tremendous praise from the critic’s camp. This is a sure sign that he’s going places and adding more to his acclaim and well-established fame as he progresses in his career.

He started off by co-founding Ill Niño, the famous American metal band that comprised of the initial founding squad which included Jorge Rosado from ‘Merauder,’ Marc Rizzo for the guitar, Christian Machado on bass, and Dave Chavarri as the drummer. Since then, he has been a vital part of some bands, groups and joint ventures that include Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly, Misfits, Coretez, Committee of Thirteen, coupled with some guest appearances and solo feats.

As much as he cherishes being part of Ill Niño once, he’s equally contented that he moved on for good. And this is evident from his extensive music credentials and career profile.  The chronology of his career is a strong validation of the mastery and expertise that he holds, with the riffs, shreds, and chords of his signature Flamenco.

Being extremely busy these days with multiple projects in the pipeline including his new solo album, it was quite a feat getting the ‘shirtless guy with a backpack’ for a brief music canvas, but it turned out to be entirely worthwhile as we managed to gain first-hand insights from him about his new solo album.

Bright, witty and meticulous as he is, we share the quizzy-conversation as it played out as an informative and thrilling treat for the readers and his fan base. Read on. Soulfly's Marc Rizzo Is Ready To Release His Solo Album "Rotation"

How does the new Soulfly record sound?

MR:  Sounds great. Another Soulfly record and continuation of where we’ve been going and also flow back to a little bit more of the groove-oriented stuff. It also has thrashy stuff. So I’m super proud of the record.

How did you get hooked up with EMP?

MR:  David Ellefson and his partner Thom Hazaert I’ve known these guys for years. It was years ago when we started talking. I think Thom must have heard some of my newer stuff from the Rotation album and they said we’d be interested in putting it out, which is excellent because I recorded rotation six years ago honestly. I’ve been shopping and trying to find a label that would be interested in.

I got zero interest from, from any label, none of the labels that I’ve worked with Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy didn’t show any interest. Thankfully, EMP stepped up to the plate, and I’m super thrilled to be working with those guys.

Do you feel that your superior talent hasn’t been appreciated? It’s ridiculous that it took all these years to get your solo album signed. I’m super glad David and Thom signed you. 

MR:  I like to let the music do the talking, and I think my new record, a lot of people are going to dig it. It’s an excellent record. I’m excited about the release of it and like I said, I’m honored to be working with EMP. I keep hearing a lot of these interviews I do; it’s always like the prefix for the interviews always like, oh, the most underrated guitar player, metal. I mean, it is what it is. I’m very grateful for all the things I’ve done. Would I like to get more attention for my solo project? Absolutely. I certainly would want more attention on it. This is something I’m passionate about; It’s the project I do when I have downtime from, from Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy.  This is what I do when I’m off from my other projects.

Soulfly's Marc Rizzo Is Ready To Release His Solo Album "Rotation"

I do believe this solo album is going to be your breakthrough.  Did you rerecord with Zeuss or you’re going to use the original recording?

MR:  Thanks! We did the whole thing was Zeus and then over the last five years, we mixed it. We did one song at a time and another song, we kept mixing it as we went and about a year ago we finished mixing, mastering and that was it. So it did take a long time.  I paid out of my own pocket, I got zero support from anybody.

When I first started recording the record, it was all out of my pocket. I paid for everything. It’s been a tough six years, but I was trying to get this record out and trying to finance it. But again, I’m super stoked now that EMP has picked up the album and promoting the hell out of it.

How long have you been with Washburn and tell me about your Signature Guitar?

MR:  I think it’s been about two years now. Uh, they, they, they offered me a signature model and for me to design it, and I’m utterly thrilled with working with them. I love my signature guitar. Dream Guitar for me, it’s Kinda like a Gibson Les Paul, but a seven string and it’s incredible.  I’m pleased being with Washburn and the quality of their guitars.

How have you evolved as a guitarist?

MR:  I think I have the last maybe five, six years, I think I finally have found I have a style that I believe and the direction I’m going in. I’ve tried to hone in on what I’m doing, not so much concerned with all the new genres of music and I’m just trying to improve on what I do, which is heavy instrumental music.

To Pre-Order Rotation, Please visit  Marc Rizzo – Rotation

To learn more about Marc visit his Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/marcrizzoband/

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