June 2, 2023
Skateistan Pedals: Made Out Of Skateboards And All Proceeds Go To Charity


The eye-popping pedal boasts an upcycled skate deck & a skate wheel that controls your fuzz tone, but “Skatedeck” is more than an incredible sounding stompbox: 100% of profits go to Skateistan schools for children.

Skateistan Pedals: Made Out Of Skateboards And All Proceeds Go To Charity

Imagine looking down at your one-of-a-kind pedal, tweaking your sound to perfection with your foot and knowing that you’ve helped an amazing cause. Yes, this pedal brings it all: wielding a fuzzy, tube-like tone never felt this good. 

You won’t find gear like this in your local store. Each piece is truly unique, custom cut from a used skate deck with all the bruises and battle scars. But there’s more: each skate deck comes from Skateistan schools for kids – and, in turn, 100% of each pedal goes back to Skateistan.

“I swear it makes the pedal insanely inspiring to play,” says David Karon, co-founder of Tone for Change, a new pedals-for-charity initiative behind the pedal. “What you’re getting is a memory of somebody’s happy childhood, right on your pedalboard, and at the same time you’ve given another kid a chance to reach for their dreams by buying this pedal.” You can now hear the pedal and purchase it here.

100% of profits from the sale of the pedals go to Skateistan, the award-winning NGO that helps children in South Africa, Afghanistan and Cambodia through creative education and skateboarding. Over half of Skateistan’s 2,500 students are girls and many students have disabilities, with Skateistan giving them a place to have fun and skin their knees while learning the most freedom-loving of all sports.

Skateistan Pedals: Made Out Of Skateboards And All Proceeds Go To Charity

For guitarists who love unique gear and for every ex-kid that ever tasted asphalt in their local skate park, this pedal celebrates creative freedom. It is an alternative use of distortion with mosfet stage for tube-like warmth. The tone evokes grunge and stoner rock with its characteristic sound: toothy, fuzzy, sharp and dry. Plays nice with a clean channel on your favorite amp and a pair of skate shoes. Check out the pedal’s sound here. 

Tone for Change is a new pro-charity pedal project by David Karon and Antonin Salva of KHDK Electronics. While their KHDK guitar pedals win awards and deliver tonal apocalypse on massive stages, Tone for Change aims to make a positive impact with pedals that give away 100% of profits. To develop the Skateistan pedal, Antonin and David partnered with Jan Juranek and Jakub “Salma” Hajek of It’s Electric, a creative development firm that pursues unique electronics projects to make the world a better sounding place. 

For more information please visit:

www.toneforchange.com and www.skateistan.org

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